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Former Alabama teacher pleads guilty to having sex with students

Former Alabama teacher pleads guilty to having sex with students

Carrie Cabri Witt, a former Alabama teacher, has pleaded guilty to have engaged in a sex act with a student. Earlier, a judge dismissed charges against Witt, 47, after she argued that the law banning school staff from having sex with a student under 19 was unconstitutional. Witt taught at a Decatur when she was arrested in 2016. Now, she faces up to 20 years in jail when she is sentenced in July.

Tom A
Tom A
Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 3 weeks

Women want equal rights give her the same amount of jail time if it was some old guy with an underage girl.

Ren 3 weeks

This should say “Former Alabama teacher pleads guilty to Raping students”

Milkshake 3 weeks

Article mixup again, with inaccurate article picture. "Alabama teacher, 47, who once claimed US Constitution entitled her to have sex with her students has now pleaded guilty to sleeping with 17 and 18-year-old boys"

Idiot Prole
Idiot Prole 3 weeks

Those lads definitely got an education.

chris 3 weeks

There had to have been a hotter teacher in that school.

Kiel 3 weeks

Two in stinky, none in pinky

Brett Ellis
Brett Ellis 3 weeks

Firstly, it's called rape. And secondly, it's unlikely she'll receive anything other than a suspended sentence, and even more unlikely that she'll get the full 20

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