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Court refuses to dismiss Project Veritas lawsuit against NYT

Court refuses to dismiss Project Veritas lawsuit against NYT

A NY judge has refused to dismiss Project Veritas’ defamation lawsuit against The NYT over the newspaper’s reporting on a Veritas probe into alleged ballot-harvesting in Minneapolis. The judge noted that Project Veritas is ’entitled to try to establish whether NYT’s writers were purposely and/or recklessly inaccurate.’

Braindead 4 weeks

Well I hope thw truth comes out on this fraudulent election that we know happened. The democrats pushed for mail in voting which is scam and has been proven too.

Rocket 4 weeks

The New York Times is nothing more than a LEFTIST PROPAGANDA RAG💩💩💩! They wou'dn't know what actual journalism or reporting is if it smacked themn the face!

World 4 weeks

Retracto!!!! retracto!!!! Llamaaaaa 😝😝💚🙏 i mean alpaccccaaaaa 🎶

Auster Maeson
Auster Maeson 4 weeks

Regardless of how Trump feels, it’s far past due for accountability to be popular again.

Milkshake 4 weeks

Man, I used to respect NYT till around about ~2008. Since about that year they've nosedived in terms of journalistic integrity and quality of articles. I saw an increased rate of Buzzfeed level garbage, high schooler level opinion pieces which have no place on such an outlet, and a constant increase of fake news with peak culmination of obviousness being the US Covington Lincoln Memorial scandal coverage which was NYT being their most transparently worst, disingenuous, propagandizing, and brainless. Sad how the mighty have fallen.

ttocsick 4 weeks

It's about phukn time that there's a judge putting the constitution and the law before anything else

Shmule 4 weeks

Good for them

John W
John W 3 weeks

Click bait funding in combination with orange man bad had led a race to bottom for the most fake news possible.

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 4 weeks

Haha because you we're in the wrong

Nowhere Man
Nowhere Man 3 weeks

The only place for truth is the university. This is absurd.

Jon 4 weeks

Lol I can't wait for PV to get owned.

Ian.. 4 weeks


Vark 4 weeks

This judge will end up having a video tape of him saying the nword appear "out of nowhere"

Seekster 4 weeks

Good. Someone has to hold media organizations accountable.

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