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Atlanta cops detain man wearing body armor and carrying 5 guns in grocery store

Atlanta cops detain man wearing body armor and carrying 5 guns in grocery store

Atlanta police detained a 22-year-old man who entered a supermarket in Atlanta armed with 2 long guns and 3 pistols and wearing a body armor. A witness saw the man entering the location openly carrying a rifle and going to the bathroom. He alerted the store management and the police. The police responded immediately and detained the man. During questioning, 4 more firearms were recovered from him.

Tom A
Tom A
Neutral 3 weeks

I'm not so sure gun advocates would agree with you on this one. I'm not a gun owner myself but from my engagement with gun owners on this platform I think they may conclude this is not normal. Just my two cents

CoLpOeSnED 3 weeks

I'm so torn on this. It seems he was trying to do a 2nd amendment audit, but it's crazy with the mass shooting that just happened... idk it makes me want to go against assault rifles. I suppose assault rifles are literally overkill- handguns are fine.

geckouni 3 weeks

Maybe this is what the guns advocate wants to achieve, all Americans should be armor up wherever they go to prepare for just in case any mass shooting going to happen.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 3 weeks

I've gone into Walmart wearing my plate carriers .45 straped to the leg and a full custom AR-15 on a sling because we were going out training and need a lot more ammo ( back when Walmart used to sell and had a good amount of ammo for cheap) but this clown 3 rifles how do you even carry all that. I still love the look on leftist faces when I open carry

Noneya Bizness
Noneya Bizness 3 weeks

My question is if he was brandishing the wagons at anyone or if he just had them, cause that matters

Brutus 3 weeks

This is clearly a 2nd amendment audit. I wouldn’t mind doing this myself

Mutatis 3 weeks

Sounds like someone wanted to 'suicide by cop', or perhaps is merely an idiot.

Randall 3 weeks

As geared up as that guy was he still wouldn't stand a chance against the US military. So, having all those toys can't possibly be to protect yourself against the government.

jamie 3 weeks

Sounds like the media causing copy cat want to be’s or this dude wanted suicide by cop

Ren 3 weeks

Oh my god somebody actually watched rampage and thought “i want to be like that”

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