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LA police clash with protesters at Echo Park homeless encampment

LA police clash with protesters at Echo Park homeless encampment

Hundreds of protesters clashed with police after officers moved in to shut the massive homeless encampment at Los Angeles’s Echo Park. The protesters comprising homeless people and activists threw objects, like bottles, at officers, who attempted to push them back from the park. The camps dwellers are upset over LA’s plan to close the park for repairs without finding permanent housing for them.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 4 weeks

Yet the government is wasting/ stealing 10's of millions tax papers money to house illegal invaders. How bout immediately deport the invading horde and put the junkie/mentally ill homeless in these facilities to detox for a few months or years 2 problems fixed immediately.

Matt H.
Matt H. 4 weeks

But if only they could pull themselves up from their bootstraps!

World 4 weeks

Instagran: @acatwithnews has firsthand footage

Glen 4 weeks

Why are they picking on Demacratic voters?

Lisa 3 weeks

Well, homelessness doesn't only occur for lazy people who make bad decisions, but at the same time self-entitled demands will get them nowhere. The USA cares not for Americans hit in hard times, only for illegals who Come Here For A Better Life. Imagine comparing all the numbers of homeless people we already have with the numbers being poured over the border to get on the welfare rolls. Sometimes the drug addiction begins after the homelessness. You become a peer with those already living that way, after you barely meet your most basic needs if you can, you may try drugs if they are easier to get than a shower or a meal or a cup of hot coffee. Or of course a way to get some money. How does one pull themselves up by their bootstraps when they can't get clean and presentable enough to ask for a job, when joblessness is increased by the illegal arrivals on top of the year of COVID lockdown?

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