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Man receives final paycheck as oily pennies dumped on driveway

Man receives final paycheck as oily pennies dumped on driveway

A man in Georgia who was having trouble getting the last paycheck from his employer discovered its equivalent in pennies dumped in his driveway. Andreas Flaten quit his job at A OK Walker Luxury Autoworks in Nov 2020 citing ’toxic’ working conditions. Earlier this month, Flaten discovered more than 91,000 grease-covered pennies and an envelope with his final pay stub that read ’F--- you!’.

Robert_Clearwater 3 weeks

Worker's rights are human rights. Payday is established in iron, and for an employer to eschew that sacred principle is unAmerican. I don't care how awful an employee is, if you hire someone you MuSt mUsT MUST pay them on time. I have no sympathy for greasy and unscrupulous employers, I'd have taken this fool to court the immediate day after failure to deliver the final paycheck.

Robert_Clearwater 3 weeks

I'd also consider petitioning the court for reimbursement for spent time and materials to clean the pennies and to clean the oily spot on the driveway. This person is letting themselves be used as a door mat.

Janitor Jez
Janitor Jez 3 weeks

Isn't that regulated? Here there are limits on the number of coins you can pay with, to prevent this sort of thing. It would be a shame if all Mr. Walkers customers see this and assume this is how he would like to be paid.

DarkSide Bob
DarkSide Bob 3 weeks

Title 31 of the United States Code, section 5103, says that he doesn't have to accept them as payment for his wages. Plus, that note now opens his employer to a hostile environment lawsuit.

Marinewife0317 3 weeks

Regardless of the former employee's work ethics, this should not have happened. If an employee quits, you pay them up to the last day of work at the next payday and move on. Anyone who does business with A Ok Walker Luxury Autoworks should reconsider any future business or pay with 'oily pennies!'

David8029 3 weeks

I'm not sure this is against the law or if it violates the NAP (Non Aggression Principle), but it's a super douche move.

Will Miller
Will Miller 3 weeks

Of course Newsvoice deleted my comment. Unless you’re a tankie nerd they don’t let you say anything.

Andrew 3 weeks

That's one way to confirm that the workplace was toxic.

TaxTheRich 3 weeks

Well time to kill your boss in Minecraft

Rational ific
Rational ific 3 weeks

Well, that's toxic. He has a point.

CoLpOeSnED 3 weeks

Evidence of a 'toxic workplace'

Dustin 3 weeks

Clearly it was a toxic workplace if that is how your boss pays you.

Iam 3 weeks

Legal tender.

Property 3 weeks

Yeah that sounds like a toxic work place

robert 3 weeks

Thanks for guaranteeing a hostile environment argument, lawsuit gonna happen.

snarley 3 weeks

Good job at proving the man's point

Nico 3 weeks


Scott Hallinan
Scott Hallinan 3 weeks

Well looks like he was right

Rafael 3 weeks

This fool must have a death wish.

Filiberto 3 weeks

Georgia... no surprise here.

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