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Dems repeating ’fear campaign’ after Boulder shooting, pro-gun activist says

Dems repeating ’fear campaign’ after Boulder shooting, pro-gun activist says

Attorney and prominent pro-gun activist Colion Noir said President Joe Biden’s administration pushing the Democratic Party’s old agenda of gun control using the same ’fear campaign’ in the wake of the Boulder, Colorado shooting. Talking to Fox News, Noir said guns are needed because in 2020 ’people realized’ that when it comes to one’s own safety, ’the only person responsible for my safety is me.’

John 3 weeks

So it was a citizen with his own firearm who took the shooter down not the police . Where’s the reality of the situation now

Glen 3 weeks

Maybe we should hire more police officers, instead of defending them. Another idea is keeping prisoners in jail and quit releasing them. Why more laws? When we can't seem to enforce the ones that we have now.

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 3 weeks

what reality. That republicans are okay with daily mass shooting because of a misplaced idea of freedom. And a misinterpretation of the constitution.

Jordan 3 weeks

Where i live everyone has a gun and no one kills eachother. We dont even have a police station honetly. And we do great 😃 people are actually civil and talk to eachother about their problems vs calling the cops and if someone is an issue we get together and say enough is enough and it stops or atleast stays in their home bothering no one else. Worse case some guys get in a fight and thats the end of it guns stay in your pants just like your john. If someone did threaten anyone life with any weapon like item im sure the call to the cops would be to come pick up this corps lol. My girl is armed and several other women in town and i garantee no one hits them or hurts them it wouldent go well so demestic violance as far as my knowlage goes doenst exists.

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 3 weeks

Because they are. Anyone who has had proper firearms training and experience would know this to be the case. Having a knowledge of gun laws, shooting, and a good memory can also show you this.

michael 3 weeks

How about, instead of ALWAYS saying "gun control won't do anything so let's do nothing" we try SOMETHING and see if it works? The second amendment protects arms, not guns. And there are places in america where you are not allowed to have an edged weapon longer than five inches. Why do guns get a special place?

Qanonsense 3 weeks

What a depressing commentary. America has a third of the world's military budget but tells it's citizens "get your own guns because it's not our job to keep you safe." America is a dumpster fire. Can't wait to see the collapse of this empire.

Tamira 3 weeks

Abolish. All. Gun. Laws.

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