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Nike, H&M face boycott in China over Xinjiang cotton

Nike, H&M face boycott in China over Xinjiang cotton

Retail giants Nike and H&M are facing a backlash in China after they expressed concern about the alleged use of Uighur labor in the production of Xinjiang cotton. Many in China have called for boycotts, and e-commerce platforms have dropped H&M. This comes after a Chinese Communist Party group tweeted ’Spreading rumors to boycott Xinjiang cotton, while also wanting to make money in China?’

kaleb 3 weeks

So if we boycott them for using forced labor, and the Chinese boycott them for not using forced labor, you think they can figure out what the right answer is?

coughdrop1989 3 weeks

Messed up china has to do this, but these "woke" people still buy this stuff. Kaperknick hasn't said a peep or given back his blood money has he?

Yoshiki 3 weeks

China tried to boycott everything from every country for the past 10 years, the whole of Japan, Apple, McDonald's, KFC, Carrefour are all on the list, they don't realise these companies expanded in China because of their demand in the first place, and they are still doing very well in China today, because they have nothing to replace them with. Such is Chinese logic, you buy from them, they did you a favour as you can't survive without them, you sell to them, they also did you a favour as you can't survive without them. How about they open up Xinjiang for the press to see for themselves? Oh right they don't have freedom of press and speech there. When you even bar your own citizens entry to parts of the area, you really don't have much of a foot to stand on.

Johnson 3 weeks

Why wouldn't the Chinese boycott Nike? They have been making near replicas of Nikes for 20 they have plenty of them in inventory. F.U.C.K. the CCP, sell elsewhere...

TexasReb 3 weeks

Hey Nike and H&M!!! Grow a pair and get your cotton from, and move your manufacturing to, another freaking country or countries! That said, I too have been boycotting Nike for years due to their anti-American and Pro-Racist Policies. Nike isn't trying to create racial equality, they are trying to create racial division by promoting one race above all others. It doesn't take much intelligence to figure that out. If Nike doesn't change their policies then may they be the next Great American failure.

geckouni 3 weeks

The greed will continue....

KeybladeMasterAndy 3 weeks

Good. They shouldn't do business with the CCP.

Ddddd 3 weeks

China following the Dem playbook. Cancel!! 😂😆

Satan411 2 weeks

I'm broke, so I support whatever measures lower prices, whether it be forced prison labor, the elderly, retarded children, what have you. Capitalism may not be perfect but it's way better than Socialism!

Phoenix 3 weeks

All $lave labour Chinese products should be boycotted.

Seekster 3 weeks

I would boycott both for outsourcing to China in the first place.

Paul 3 weeks


Zeal 3 weeks

Major conglomerates who don’t know when to stop growing are evil. Period.

Joe 3 weeks

Cool. Another reason to boycott Nike. Really only needed one though..

Indo 3 weeks

Oh well another day and another funnymen tirade. What would w do without them !?

geckouni 3 weeks

Will the people of the country is ok for foreign companies to make their load and spite at them at the same time? Using misinformation at it worst to target, discriminate and red eyes against their growth and prosperity of it people. For the genuine freedom of expression of the people.

Andrew 3 weeks


Miguel 3 weeks

All nations should stop doing trade with China. They are a growing threat

Buckner Abernathy IIIII
Buckner Abernathy IIIII 3 weeks

Our two options in life: A) We stop supporting Chinese communists. B) China takes over the world. I know which one I choose...🇺🇸

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