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Bills to hike taxes on corporations, wealthiest Americans introduced by Sanders

Bills to hike taxes on corporations, wealthiest Americans introduced by Sanders

Two new bills to hike taxes on corporations and the wealthiest Americans were proposed by Senator Bernie Sanders. Corporate tax would be raised up to 35 percent under one plan, while the other would set a progressive estate tax. The Republican Party is likely to oppose tax increases in the Senate, as Democrats try to raise money to fund a massive infrastructure and economic recovery package.

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 3 weeks

Keep bringing it up. I am sure it will become even more serious. Ron Johnson has lost any credibility.

Paul B.
Paul B. 3 weeks

Here is the problem with the way taxes in America "work" : regardless of how high they are, people and companies get out of paying them. 35% of $0 in taxable income is the same as 25% of $0 in taxable income. To keep raising taxes on the "wealthy" really does nothing to increase revenue because "wealthy" people and companies find a way to reduce their taxable income so they pay less - or no - taxes. For Democrats to push for a higher rate is nothing more than a show, and a waste of time. Having taken a rudimentary glance at the numbers, it appears that a flat-tax of 25% on everyone without any loopholes or deductions or credits would generate more income to the Treasury than the current complicated system. Oh, and if everyone paid the same percent of income in taxes, tax filing would be reduced to a single form with three lines on it.

Nickel 3 weeks

Yeah raise the Texas cuz you only got 4 to 8 years send a Texas will be dropped again good luck with that

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