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Dow stages 600-point turnaround as stock market snaps 2-session slump

Dow stages 600-point turnaround as stock market snaps 2-session slump

US stocks ended higher Thursday as investors weighed improving economic data with the country emerging from the COVID pandemic. The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed 199.42 points, or 0.6%, higher at 32,619.48, after falling as many as 348 points in the same day. The S&P 500 rose 20.38 points to end at 3,909.52, a rise of 0.5% while Nasdaq closed at 12,977.68, up 15.79 points for a gain of 0.1%.

Nathan 3 weeks

Maybe cause they know the upbeat jobs market report is a sham...just like the fraudulent President Biden.

Nick 5 days

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Rocky 3 weeks

This had nothing to do with economic outlook. The economic outlook under Biden is horrible and we all know it. The reason for the turnaround in the market is 100% because of the federal reserve. They are currently buying 120 billion in debt every month to keep the debt market afloat. On top of that they are utilizing several yield curve control mechanisms to maintain the bond yield. This is market manipulation not legitimate growth which is why most reputable analysts are predicting a bubble.

Kenneth 3 weeks

By the time Joe Biden fraudulent president is done stock market crash

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