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Reporters ask Biden zero questions on COVID-19 in news conference

Reporters ask Biden zero questions on COVID-19 in news conference

President Biden didn’t get a single question at his first press conference about the pandemic or the vaccination drive or anything related to the coronavirus but fielded many queries on whether or not he will make a re-run for president in three years. In his one-hour-long conference, he was asked questions on a host of issues including changing the Senate’s rules, voting rights, and immigration.

Cheryl 3 weeks

Good lord that was painful. Rambling. Incoherent. Stalled mid sentence and could not restart. Preselected reporters and obvious reading from preprepared answers. Caused the border crisis and blames his predecessor. We'll be transparent once we fix the optics. Whenever that is since we can't tell you when. Scary.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 3 weeks

Economy is F'd, millions out of work, small businesses destroyed, but let's not discuss the root cause. Most pathetic 'president' in the history of the country. Thanks DNC and globalist mega-donors for sending the USA into a death spiral.

Matt 3 weeks

What's scarier? That the election could have been rigged to install this guy or that 80+ million people actually voted for him? Or, even scarier... Our politicians and media schill for him at the detriment of our country because it serves their immediate wealth and interests. I truly don't think we're going to be around as a country in say, 25 years from now. This isn't sustainable.

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 3 weeks

He has been in the Senate for 120 years, so many years of questions to ask, can't blame them for missing this *sarcasm*

Beisht Kione
Beisht Kione 3 weeks

I liked Biden's answer to the question on gun control. Infrastructure haha

Que Pasta
Que Pasta 3 weeks

Treating the senile guy with kid gloves. The media behaves now that Orange Man is gone.

coughdrop1989 3 weeks

He also wants to run in 2024.....

Dante 3 weeks

The man has dementia or at least some sort of cognitive decline.

Aleks 3 weeks

They asked no questions cause he said no st.upid like the bleach injection master that preceded him. The plan is 100% clear. He laid Iit out.

coughdrop1989 3 weeks

Shouldve got asked why he wont debate putin. Everyone wants to see this man get verbally annihilated.

Aleks 3 weeks

Wow the Russians bots are out in force...

World 3 weeks

Great Reset Puppet...he even brought up "4th industrial revolution" and " build back better infrastructure" he was parroting Great Reset talking points...

Pablo 3 weeks

Why aren't site like Politifact, fact checking his hyperbole statements like they did in the past?

TheEnlightenedFool 3 weeks

You FINALLY did something for T-Rex rights!!!! NO OTHER QUESTIONS PLEASE!!!!!

Braindead 3 weeks

Biden is a career politician and know how to blow smoke and the democratic party drink all his Kool-aid and enjoy how bitter it taste. Just wait this crazy old man will show his true colors before 6 months is in. Or be in mental hospital or nursing home in New York under Cuomo watchful eye.

Mike 3 weeks

Funny how we're not getting constantly hammered with 'covid death' numbers anymore

Shmule 3 weeks

How is this news? No asks him real questions, period.

David 3 weeks

Not surprising since his strategy is to lie and take credit from the previous administration.

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