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Arkansas bans transgender athletes from female sports teams

Arkansas bans transgender athletes from female sports teams

Arkansas Governor Hutchinson signed a bill that would ban transgender student athletes from joining female sports teams. With this Arkansas becomes the second US state this year to adopt such a law. ’This will help promote and maintain fairness in women’s sporting events,’ Hutchinson said in a statement. Supporters argue transgender girls have physical advantages than those who were born female.

Neutral 3 weeks

So much to unpack, since everyone can seeming change their gender at will maybe they should have reinforced the definition of female to include a naturally born woman instead of a outright ban. I think it would have technically achieved the same results. I mean science and the (majority) of the medical community have a pretty good definition to work off of. Then start a class of competition open to only transgenders. You can then preserve all levels of competition. Boom problem at least kinda solved? I dunno, worked in my mind.🤷🏼‍♂️

David 3 weeks

So you’re saying that transgender women are different from biological women? I thought men and women were completely equal? (notice how they didn’t ban transgender men from competing in male sports)

TheEnlightenedFool 3 weeks

FINALLY girls can by beaten in scores by an equal opposing force! Equality yaaaaassh qweeenz!!

Phoenix 3 weeks

Obviously a good move.

Tobias Quinn
Tobias Quinn 3 weeks

In the name of biological and genetic science, I support this decision

Seekster 3 weeks

Good. This is the only sensible position.

Brayden 2 weeks


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