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North Korea claims ’new tactical guided’ missiles launched

North Korea claims ’new tactical guided’ missiles launched

North Korea has claimed it launched a ’new-type tactical guided projectile’ Thursday. It was the country’s first ballistic missile launch in almost a year. Reacting to the development, President Biden warned of consequences if Pyongyang escalates tensions. Confirming the launch, Japan said the weapons tested were ballistic missiles, which are prohibited by UN Security Council resolutions.

Noah PaulOG
Noah PaulOG 3 weeks

Missing Trump yet? If not, go ahead and tell me what CNN told you to think.

Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer 3 weeks

Not necessarily something one can bully their way into, or out of. Byethen

cooldude 3 weeks

What is Biden going to do about this? Take trumps idea and talk to Kim?

kaleb 3 weeks

Tactically launching their entire GDP into the ocean. I feel bad for all the starving people watching their chance for food streaking across the sky just to entertain an animated potato.

Neutral 3 weeks

I wonder if the new "tactical guidance" missle is a secret torpedo? They seem to consistently be landing in the ocean...

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