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Trump defends Capitol rioters, says there was ’zero threat’

Trump defends Capitol rioters, says there was ’zero threat’

Former President Trump on Thursday defended some of his supporters who rioted at the Capitol on Jan. 6, saying they posed ’zero threat’ to the lawmakers. Trump acknowledged that those who stormed the Capitol ’shouldn’t have done it,’ but added ’Some of them went in and they’re, they’re hugging and kissing the police and the guards.’ He questioned why ’nothing happens’ to left-wing protesters.

Young Conservative
Young Conservative 3 weeks

People who have defended BLM rioters which resulted in over 40 deaths, 900 officer casualties and hundreds of billions in property damage pretending to be outraged in 3, 2... 1

is it 2021 yet?
is it 2021 yet? 3 weeks

“Trump did acknowledge that those who stormed the Capitol “went in and they shouldn’t have done it.” “But he added: “Some of them went in and they’re, they’re hugging and kissing the police and the guards. You know, they had great relationships. A lot of the people were waved in and then they walked in and they walked out.” So if I force entry into my state capitol, pee on walls, break things, steal things, erect a gallows with nooses, carry weapons and restraints while searching for politicians as long as I hug and kiss the police I shouldn’t be prosecuted. Sound logic by our twice impeached, former prez.

Mathis 3 weeks

Did he miss that thing about the police officer dying? Or was he hugged and kissed to death perhaps?

الأكبر فادي
الأكبر فادي 3 weeks

That isn't really DEFENDING THEM... so much as stating the obvious that they were no real threat to democracy, as the left would have you believe, it only took within hours for congress to reassemble and continue on...

John 3 weeks

Trump was the Frankenstein expirement that failed democracy horribly

Felipe Segura
Felipe Segura 3 weeks

Let's be honest here, the people that stormed the Capitol could have done way worse if they truly wanted to. Does it make it right? No. However like the past arguments for BLM rioters looting businesses, "they don't represent blm." Well that's a two way street; the people that stormed the Capitol don't represent all trump supporters. Matter of fact there were protesters that heeded the former President advices and left peacefully. So, convict the ones that were arrested and be done with it.

Aleks 3 weeks

Keep defending this despicable act you trai.tors

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 3 weeks

Jesus what about the gallows put up and them chanting hang mike pence because Trump lied about the election being stolen.

Aleks 3 weeks

Does this fo.lish cL.own still have people that do give a s... about what he says?

John W
John W 3 weeks

Well nobody was beat to death with a fire extinguisher, like the media claimed. They only person killed was an unarmed woman by a cop. The rest died fir unrealated medical reasons, sucides or stokes days later.

Joe 3 weeks

Donald Trump is a fucking trainwreck of a man. If this douchebag runs again fine but I hope he loses. Again. I still cant believe millions of people still like this guy.

snarley 3 weeks

Nothing happens to left wing protesters....except being tear gassed so Trump can have a photo op in front of a church hes never attended

Cognitive 3 weeks

The Orange Vestigial pus blob is like a shanker on the lip of the Republican party.

Phillip 3 weeks

What a waste of time whoever did the headline should lose his job. I'm tired of these dumb articles on newsvoice that can't read for shit and are click bait simps

Billy 3 weeks

As usual he blames everyone but the guilty party. He is the typical guy that wants everyone else to play fair but thinks he can break every law without any consequences.

Rafael 3 weeks

Hey young conservative for your information most of the killings in the black lives matter protest were done by white militias and neo nazi trump supporters, look it up before you open your trap.

scott 3 weeks

Proving once again he's nothing but a lying pos.

KeybladeMasterAndy 3 weeks

The whole thing was a mess and everyone's arguing over whether or not up is down, and otherwise splitting hairs because narratives and drama.

Diego 3 weeks

Not surprised and he's already out of office. Really can't do much and there are loonies in both sides. I don't know why people keep believing politicians and businesse men to be there for them when we are just the pawns and not the players.

Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 3 weeks

There was zero threat... well... until that police officer shot the protesters in the throat and killed her for ...protesting?

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