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African elephants face growing risk of extinction

African elephants face growing risk of extinction

African elephants living in forests and savannas are increasingly threatened with extinction. The new assessments underscore the persistent pressures faced by the two species of elephants in Africa due to poaching for ivory and human encroachment. The population of savanna elephants decreased by at least 60% over the last 50 years, while that of forest elephants had fallen by 86% over 31 years.

Blake 3 weeks

There is still a large demand for ivory and little suppliers so the poachers have large profit margins. They should allow farming of ivory with a few regulations. The farmers will be incentivized to increase the population and keep them alive as long as possible for more ivory production. When the supply has increased enough poachers will be unable to compete with low prices and lose theirbprofit motive. At the same time, push public education that will limit or destroy the demand for the ivory in the first place. Once demand is gone the farmers will also move to other business ventures. It's an idea 🤷‍♂️

World 3 weeks

I hear 5G can protect them

Gloria 3 weeks

Maybe we should put them inside the secure capital fencing 😂

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