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32 killed and over 60 injured in train crash in Egypt

32 killed and over 60 injured in train crash in Egypt

At least 32 people have been killed and 66 others injured after two passenger trains collided in Egypt on Friday. The accident occured in the Tahta district, about 460km south of the capital Cairo. The railway authority said the two trains collided after emergency brakes were triggered by ’unknown individuals,’ causing one of the trains to stop and the other to crash into it from behind.

Rocky 3 weeks

Ban assault trains now! If we make them illegal they can never kill again. Why do we continue to let these inanimate objects to commit mass murder.😭

Ryan 3 weeks

I drive trains in the States. I can't even begin to imagine what kinds of rules Egypt has to prevent this, and what didn't get done right. This isn't supposed to be possible. But egypt probably has few regulations and little to no technology (like traffic lights) warning following trains.

Jacob 3 weeks

Egypt is having a bad week

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