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Tugs, dredgers try to free ship blocking Suez Canal

Tugs, dredgers try to free ship blocking Suez Canal

Tugs and dredgers were working Friday to free a container ship blocking Egypt’s Suez Canal for a fourth day. The MV Ever Given, longer than four football fields, has been wedged diagonally across the canal since Tuesday. Authorities said that up to 20,000 cubic meters of sand needs to be removed to free the container ship. Experts warned the shutdown could last days or even weeks.

Alex 3 weeks

Well, if they release sensationalist articles like this and cause a panic run on toilet paper... It will certainly create a shortage!

TheDadJokeGuy 3 weeks

Wait, was this on purpose or was it an accident? I've heard some say that this is a good thing because it hurts capitalists' bottom line, which makes me think this is an act of protest

PappaOwl 3 weeks

Que curb your enthusiasm theme

The Autarch
The Autarch 3 weeks

Women drivers, amirite?

cooldude 3 weeks

And a single excavatior too. The little excavatior that could

Unity.Nat 3 weeks

Sounds like a WW2 strategy

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 3 weeks

We need wamen doing mens jobs boom canal blocked.

Shmule 3 weeks


Forrest 3 weeks

Seems more like a hostage situation to me.

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