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House Dems’ attempts to overturn Iowa congressional election defended by Psaki

House Dems’ attempts to overturn Iowa congressional election defended by Psaki

Jen Psaki, the White House Press Secretary has come out in the defense of House Democrats as they are attempting to overturn the state-certified election in Iowa’s 2nd Congressional District. The Republican Party, for its part, has criticized the Democratic attempt to take Miller-Meeks’ seat. The Iowa congresswoman defeated Rita Hart in the election with a razor-thin win of six votes.

Neutral 3 weeks

Wait, we just heard all of the elections were fair and there was no need to review them any further. Sorry people, you can't have it both ways. The elections either worked fairly or didn't, they would be wise not to pull on this thread less they lose all credibility. And no I'm not passing judgment on the national election as a whole just on this contradiction as is reported.

Azshara 3 weeks

Dem 1: hey did you see the 2000 lost votes? Dem 2: yea its horrible that the Republicans would hide 5000 of our votes. Dem 1: absolutely, those 9000 votes were fair and legal. Dem 2: I know, its hard to believe that they cheat us out of 15,000 votes like that. Dem 1: where did they get this insane idea of fraudulating 30,000 votes?

Braindead 3 weeks

It's about right for the democratic party to try and over turn it because of razor edge votes in the house. And the same with senate ad Biden trying to kill the filibuster so that a way Harris will be 51 vote for all his pipes dreams to pass. And raised taxes thru the ceiling on all Americans. Wait didn't he say only the rich would feel the tax hike. Yeah we conservatives knew he was full of it. But hey democrats you got what you want and hope you enjoy all new taxes and big government and now they are trying to steal Iowa election to help themselves out.

Paul B.
Paul B. 3 weeks

The Vox article discusses the "double-standard" of the Republicans and their attempts to get the Biden win overturned. The 2020 Presidential election results were certified by every state, despite pressure from wayward Republicans to change the outcome. Anyone who contested Biden's win had no legal ground to stand on, as was demonstrated with the fact that none of the legal challenges went anywhere. The state of Iowa certified the elections of the 2nd Congressional District. The candidate who was certified the winner was sworn into the office in January. While it may be demonstrated that the Democrats have legal ground to stand on in continuing to try and have the results overturned, this really just looks bad for them. Democrats in the House know that they are very likely to lose their majority in 2022, which puts pressure on them to accomplish as much of their agenda as they can in the next two years. Having another Democrat in the chamber may help with that goal, which seems to be a good enough reason for them to push for an overturn of the Iowa results nearly three months after Congress began its session. For anyone in the Biden Administration to comment is inappropriate because, with the separation of powers outlined in the Constitution, the Executive Branch should not be meddling in the affairs of the Legislative Branch. All of that said, the Republicans are not looking very good as they try to fight back against the Democrats on this issue. The bitterness and name-calling that shows itself more and more from both parties does nothing to address the issues facing the country. The best solution to the dysfunction into which government in the United States has devolved into: eliminate political parties. If elected officials were mo longer beholden to some "ideal" which a political party expects them to espouse, they might actually get back to the task they were elected to do: represent the will of the people who put them in office.

World 3 weeks

Jen Psnarki

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