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Sharon Osbourne leaves The Talk

Sharon Osbourne leaves The Talk

Sharon Osbourne’s departure was confirmed by CBS in a statement which was issued on Friday. Following a heated on-air debate, The Talk had been on a hiatus for two weeks. Osbourne had come out in the defense of her friend Piers Morgan’s criticism of Meghan Markle, and had also demanded that her black co-host explain her claim that Morgan’s criticism was racist.

James 3 weeks

Don't particularly care for Sharon or Piers but I commend her for standing up for her friend and his right to have and voice his opinion. I believe Piers is more angered by the fact a fifth rate TV "actress" can show such disrespect to British royalty (or anyone else for that matter) and to turn that disrespect into a cheap, tawdry expose for personal gain supersedes any made up claims of racism.

Lisa 3 weeks

So this is all about what Piers thinks of Megan and what Sharon thinks of what other people think about what Piers thinks of Megan, and for all that Sharon gets fired for her thought crime. Megan's not in any trouble for whatever anybody thinks of her. I suspect she's just telling the truth, after all, Dianna knew they were lizard people and were going to kill her, and look what happened. As long as Megan doesn't call the Queen a lizard i think people's opinion of her should just be let be. British tabloid stuff is so much more entertaining than US tabloids, isn't it? And Sharon is very cool even if she doesn't like Megan.

themdg 3 weeks

Had no idea she was on TV, or what that show is.

VI Trotsky
VI Trotsky 3 weeks

Dont defend racists. I think that’s pretty easy. Like the former president of the United States... shouldnt defend racists. Like the current president of the United States... shouldn’t defend racists.

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