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Nicolas Maduro’s Facebook page frozen for 30 days

Nicolas Maduro’s Facebook page frozen for 30 days

Social media giant Facebook announced that it has frozen the page of Nicolás Maduro, the President of Venezuela, after he claimed without evidence that a herbal remedy could cure Covid-19. Maduro will not be able to post for 30 days, after claiming in January that a thyme herb solution could cure COVID. Maduro had repeatedly violated Facebook’s policies on COVID disinformation, the company claimed

David 3 weeks

Let’s say another doctor with resources outside of CDC had very valuable information that went against the norm. It is very dangerous that his voice would also be silenced like this. CDC is not gospel

World 2 weeks

Like madagascar getting bribed to coverup thier covid herbal cure? Lol

Randall 3 weeks

Is that any worse than diaper don touting hydroxichloroquin? Or bleach?

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