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Trump demands to know if Special Counsel Durham is still ’living’

Trump demands to know if Special Counsel Durham is still ’living’

Former President Trump put out a statement Friday wanting to know the whereabouts of Special Counsel John Durham. Durham has been probing FBI’s ’Crossfire Hurricane’ investigation of Trump’s 2016 campaign’s alleged ties to Russia for about two years. ’Where’s Durham? Is he a living, breathing human being? Will there ever be a Durham report?’ Trump said in a statement.

Neutral 3 weeks

Wow, I wasn't aware an investigation like this was even going on. I would also like to see the results of this effort considering there was an awful lot of media coverage on Mueller report. Regardless as to it's findings this report should see the light of day.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 3 weeks

The swamp cannot allow the actual details of this whole mess to be objectively investigated. At the very least several people need to go to jail over the FISA warrant falsification.

6Million$Mansplainer 3 weeks

A valid question when dealing with the DNC.

Young Conservative
Young Conservative 3 weeks

The swamp investigating the swamp, dudes probably done nothing but get a ridiculous salary over the course of this investigation into the corruption of his own organisation

Tired of the BS
Tired of the BS 3 weeks

I’ve been asking about that report for over a year now. We kept hearing that all these arrests were going to come out of it and then as of last fall, we stopped hearing anything at all.

Fatman in Paradise
Fatman in Paradise 3 weeks

To those who dismiss Trump here you should look up "arkanside" without using google. There's a surprising a lot of people who are involved in shady activities who are never seen again or the die by "suicide"/mysterious circumstances.

Daniel T
Daniel T 3 weeks

For the love of God just go away Donald!!! 🤣🤦🏻‍♂️

LetterJotter 3 weeks

The Orange-Man looking for ways to stay relevant.

Randall 3 weeks

Diaper Donny Tramp is in no position to demand anything.

Shmule 3 weeks

Did they do a Khashoggi? Legitimate question where Dems are involved.

Cole. 3 weeks

The FBI: Oh no john Durham just drove off a bridge what a coincidence

Chet 3 weeks

The con artist got conned.

snarley 3 weeks

Probably went ghost when he realized he had no way of clearing Trump.

Barry 3 weeks

He couldn't find anything so he went into hiding

Susan 3 weeks

Why can’t Trump just go away. 4 years of him and I’m ready to move on and be happy. He is the most miserable man in the world. Me, me, me is his favorite song! Let us have some peace Donald.

HotRod 3 weeks

Im just here to read the liberals comments! Haha 😂

Trevelyn 3 weeks

He's in the basement with the x files guy .Never to be seen or heard from again .

Aleks 3 weeks

Ah ah the swamp... Trump appointed the most swampy people ever to all his cabinet posts... the only condition he imposed is that they lavish him with ridiculous praise in public... He sold out every piece of public interest he could get his tiny hands on...

Doug Star
Doug Star 2 weeks

Make all your demands now there tRUMP. You'll soon be in high demand as prison puzzzzzy as an inmate at Riker's Island.

Gloria 3 weeks

Trump concern about Durham, Oh' give us a break. It's just a distraction from what they might fine in his tax returns in New York, and the investigation for interfering in Georgia election by their attorney general. Trump wasn't concern and never mention Durham in the last 6 months, now all of a certain he's talking as if the man is dead. Trump is an Idiot, he play the same old tired game with his supporters. If Durham had anything to report wouldn't it be out by now.

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