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China sanctions US, Canadian officials over Xinjiang

China sanctions US, Canadian officials over Xinjiang

China on Saturday announced new sanctions against US and Canadian officials amid a feud over its policies in the region of Xinjiang. Two members of the US Commission on International Religious Freedom, as well as Canadian MP Michael Chong and a Canadian parliamentary committee on human rights have been prohibited from entering mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau.

edwin 3 weeks

Yeah, totally not slimey looking to sanction those who call you out for religion based enslavement.

kaleb 3 weeks

"How dare you accuse us of human rights abuses?!?! Just for that, we won't let human rights investigators come here. " #duhplomasy

CanadaIsAlreadyGreat 3 weeks

Time to boycott all Chinese products and stop all trade with them. Enough is enough.

TaxTheRich 3 weeks

We passed sanctions on them, they passed sanctions on us, yeah it's a Tit for Tat economical War, America tries to present themselves as the good guys in the situation

Soul Shakedown
Soul Shakedown 3 weeks

The CCP is an absolute abomination - commies suck!

Glen 3 weeks

No problem, Biden has it all under control.

World 3 weeks

This makes them look even cute indeed! @seekster

Seekster 3 weeks

How cute, China wants to play the sanctions game.

brandon 3 weeks

Always funny to see. Like what do they think it will matter or affect anything. Lol 😆

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