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Maryland Police Release Video of Encounter With 5-Year-Old Boy

Maryland Police Release Video of Encounter With 5-Year-Old Boy

Newly released body camera footage shows Maryland police officers handcuffed and screamed at a 5-year-old boy during a January 2020 incident, telling the boy’s mother she should ’beat him.’ The body camera video sheds new light on an encounter that’s now the subject of a lawsuit filed by the boy’s mother.

Neutral 3 weeks

So I watched the video. And I feel more like it was a well placed reality check more than anything. I have kids and if any of them decided to skip school and was a cop decided to demonstrate to one of them the possible consequences of poor thanks? Cause obviously that means I failed at something extremely important. And since I live in maryland I can personally attest to this as a systemic issue. I feel like the cop did this cause he actually cares, and yeah sometimes to drive the point home the truth hurts and fear is just the reality that life is dangerous, and so are poor choices.

Lord Flashheart
Lord Flashheart 3 weeks

Kid has no respect and does whatever he wants. I have no problem with the way the officers treated this situation. But since we have assumptions getting passed around I will share mine. This boy doesn't have a father in his life.

Tamira 3 weeks

I was ready to be angry about this, but then I watched the video and now I'm angry for the exact opposite reason. Those officers did a perfect job here.

الأكبر فادي
الأكبر فادي 3 weeks

So why are people taking issue with this? It looks like the officers were being honest with the kid... asking questions... when the kid (NOT the officers) started acting up.. the officers got more stern... the kid needs to learn life doesn't revolve around him and his wants... thankfully no one can call it "racist" (whatever that means anymore) because everyone is black

Jackson 3 weeks

I used to think people who talked about police brutality were exaggerating, but I've seen video after video, headline after headline, statistic after statistic showing cops being abusive of their power. Did you know that police incompetence costs us about $300 million a year

Met Man
Met Man 3 weeks

This child shows behaviour that at this age is already very difficult to correct. You need to socialise your child before the age of 4, otherwise you are in for a very difficult time. I bet the kid has no father actively involved in his life. This kid will be you next school bully and likely end up in jail or worse. Unfortunately the white house only cares about girls and women and boys like this are completely ignored. People should read Warren Farrels book The boy crisis. Maybe it would open some eyes.

Blake 3 weeks

If he can understand what you say then none of this is needed, just talk to him. If he can't understand then he won't know why he's being treated this way.

Angry_Face 3 weeks

Police deal with murderous scum everyday and are not out there to be sensitive baby sitters, end of

Katie 3 weeks

I watched the video too... and while i agree the parent failed and the kid needed to learn their lesson the way that they did, that police officer needs to watch their language and stop and think before they complain about a parent not "beating" their kid. Not the right words to use and it could be used against them in court. To most people "beating" is the same as abuse. "Spanking" "disciplining" "grounding" "punishing" are all in the dictionary too and should have be used instead of the word "beating." I just don't think it was the smartest choice in language, that's all I'm saying.

Ryan 3 weeks

You know what? My question here is why this has to be news. Kid left school and the cops caught him. Maybe they were a little verbally harsh, but all I can say is so what?

Nate 3 weeks

I really hope those cops don’t ever have children. If that’s how they talk to one on the street I can’t imagine what they’d do behind closed doors

Neutral 3 weeks

@ Katie, there are absolutely room for improvement in regards to that interaction I would agree. I would hate to settle on "it's better than nothing" but I will applaud him for going above his responsibilities to at least try and get a seemingly well needed lesson across. I'm sure this cop doesn't want to end up having to possibly see himself in a altercation with this little guy 10 years from now (and who knows how that ends up). You can always improve, but that would require you to start somewhere first.

Randall 3 weeks

The kid was being disrespectful. The cop should have cuffed him and knelt on his neck until death. That would teach him. /S

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