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Michael Flynn’s brother sues CNN for $75M over QAnon reports

Michael Flynn’s brother sues CNN for $75M over QAnon reports

Two family members of Michael Flynn, the ex-national security adviser, have filed a $75M lawsuit against CNN accusing the network of damaging their reputations. Jack Flynn and his wife Leslie, brother and sister-in-law, claim in the lawsuit that CNN tarnished their reputation by reporting that the Flynn family recited a QAnon-associated pledge.

Trevelyn 3 weeks

Hope you win the case .Then sue the person who wrote the story for slander .

Glen 3 weeks

There is no media outlet, that is more corrupt then CNN. They've reached a point now where they believe their own lies. The old USSR newspapers were more honest then CNN.

Bill 3 weeks

How do you "damage" the reputation of an admitted Traitor? Just because he was Pardoned does Not erase the fact that he pled Guilty to Lying to the FBI about his contacts. That we cannot hold him to account for it is a Great Shame on us all and an argument for limiting the Pardon powers of US Presidents going forward!

Kenneth 3 weeks

Hope he wins

World 3 weeks

Qanon the great psyop or perhaps it was a real movement of well meaning individuals that became hijacked? Only those who were there from the start can tell us.

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