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Trump touts southern border visit ’over the next couple of weeks’

Trump touts southern border visit ’over the next couple of weeks’

Former President Trump said Saturday that he intends to visit the southern border soon, while criticizing the Biden admin’s response to an uptick in migrants arriving there. ’The Border Patrol and all of the people of ICE, they want me to go,’ Trump said, adding, ’I really feel I sort of owe it to them.’ Trump said he expects to visit the border ’over the next couple of weeks.’

The Oracle8191
The Oracle8191 3 weeks

Trump's throwing Biden's handlers a bone: They have two weeks to show that they somewhat care about the border situation, before he goes and shows Biden up.

Pocky 3 weeks

Bad look for biden if the former president can respond to a disaster caused by bad policy before the current president.

RoseMary 3 weeks

Tell Trump to crawl back in his house nobody wants to hear him or see him.

Randall 3 weeks

And what does Trump think he's going to do? Trump is completely impotent.

barb 3 weeks

He continues to be an idiot. No easy solution, he should have never dismantled the system. Now everyone is scrambling. Always pointing fingers. One of the worst conservative presidents, oops not really conservative

chris 3 weeks

Biden: Its all trumps fault, ill look into it in a couple of weeks. Camala cackles.

snarley 3 weeks

Of course they want the man who cleared all of them to aggressively assault, take down, and punish people. Or course people who joined an organization that clears them to take out their testosterone on poor immigrants would be stoked for this criminal to come around and pat them on the back for the disgusting crook that he is. BIG SHOCK

Mutatis 3 weeks

Has Biden visited the border yet?

TexasReb 3 weeks

Let the true President, Trump, continue to perform his duties, on an unofficial basis,for four years when his supporters refuse to accept the Democrats cheating the next election and he wins by another landslide.

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