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Biden staffer blocks Ted Cruz from taking video at migrant facility

Biden staffer blocks Ted Cruz from taking video at migrant facility

Sen. Cruz shared a video of a woman, he identified as a Biden admin staffer, blocking him from recording at a migrant facility. Cruz and Sen. Cornyn led a delegation of senators to Donna where migrants have been held. ’Please give dignity to the people,’ the staffer told Cruz while blocking his camera. ’The administration that you work for is responsible for these conditions,’ Cruz replied.

Que Pasta
Que Pasta 3 weeks

These aren't the migrants you are looking for.... Move along, move along.

Matthew 3 weeks

Anyone saying the Republicans caused this is either misinformed or disingenuous. The simple fact is non-citizens do not have a right to enter any country other than their own. Messaging from any administration that "we don't really like it but we will take care of you if you get here" creates this problem and it creates human tragedy. How many 9 year olds tried to walk from Honduras but never made it? And why? So Biden can look nice and feel morally superior. Also, every one of you Democrats called Trump a dictator that was trying to silence the press. Never did he deny the press access and admit in a press conference that access will be returned only after the mess is cleaned up (which verifies that the covid excuse was BS). Yet you are not only fine with it but defend him.

Darknimbus3 3 weeks

Of course, because Lord forbid Ted Cruz reveals what is really going on there and what atrocities the Biden administration is responsible for >.>

TexasReb 2 weeks

A "staffer" should not have ANY power over a sitting US Senator most especially when he is in his own State where these attrocities are being committed. Especially when these attrocities were created by Biden himself who, by executive order, told US Government Employees NOT to Enforce the Laws on the Books to which He Himself Swore to Uphold. The Liberals MUST have a crisis, or two or three, where they can try to justify a takeover of power by themselves. We are honestly a laughingstock of the world now, when we were respected, feared and could give comfort to allies who knew they could count on us just a couple of months ago.

zJamz 3 weeks

This seems to be an admittance that Biden's staff know the conditions are very bad and yet they continue with their failed policies.

snarley 3 weeks

Cruz had to have been talking to a mirror when he said "the admin. you work for caused this"

FirstCensorshipThenJail 2 weeks

"Communists never fix the problem they simply fix the blame and manufacture the problem. Because problems for communists are a fundraising opportunity and a political stage." The Democrats are manufacturing problems so that they can propose solutions that make money for their communist party allies. The Democrats are the enemy of all humanity. Draining the population of foreign countries so that they can buy up the resources of those foreign countries (water) using multinational corporations flying the flag of equity and environmentalists.

Jon 2 weeks

Good a lawmaker was arrested for knocking on the door of the Kemp's office during their Jim Crow signing. Now they gonna whine about access. Sorry bro.

Emperor Tito
Emperor Tito 2 weeks

This comment section is a testament to how brainwashed and misinformed your average left winger is.

Trevelyn 2 weeks

If I was a senator .I would have taken a few of my State officers with me .Plus I would have worn a hidden camera .

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 2 weeks

Lol oh wow. Let me guess after trump left that's when all this happened lol.... Cut me a break no one is that $tup!d unless your a republican

Rocky 2 weeks

I guess we are back to the norm of absolutely zero transparency. Exactly as predicted from a Biden administration. They obviously took their cues from his time with Obama.

Iam 2 weeks

That is a violation of his 1st amendment right called "prior restraint" blocking anyone operating under "free press" from capturing or recording information valuable to the interests of the public.

Braindead 2 weeks

Ted Cruz is like a dog with bone he won't ever give up. He is still pursuing the fraud in the election as more light is shining on that one from IA and GA. Go Georgia!! Show the government you are your own state and can write laws as you feel fit for your state. As for this issue at the border this is all Biden telling them to come to America for the taxpayers favors we will pay for everything including the new 4 trillion green deal. Get ready to be taxed to drive your car to work and on vacations. Biden and his administration needs to be impeach for this mess they have created at the border. Pelosi and Schumer can go too with all there drama they have created in the pass. We need Trump back in office and closed out borders before America dies from Biden

spudz 2 weeks

Lol where was Cruz 6 months ago

snarley 2 weeks

Anyone supporting Ted Cruz' actions here is being very telling of their perspective on human equality.

John 2 weeks

Bidens press secretary: "We're following all covid distancing recommendations." Actual photos: "...Um, she's a liar..."

Yu Ii
Yu Ii 2 weeks

Where was Ted's camera when Trump held immigrants like herds?

TaxTheRich 2 weeks

See Trumpers, Biden is literally no different than your Messiah. Joe "nothing with fundamentally change" Biden continues the same play by play book that was used prior times infinite.

James 2 weeks

The Biden admin staffer and their "dignity" comment is a classic...

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