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One dose of Pfizer, Moderna COVID vaccine is 80% effective: CDC

One dose of Pfizer, Moderna COVID vaccine is 80% effective: CDC

A new CDC study shows that a single dose of either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine was shown to be 80% effective in preventing COVID-19. The high level of protection occurs within the first two weeks after receiving part one of the two-dose regime. While there was an 80% protection rate with one dose, that figure jumped to 90% in the first two weeks after the second injection.

Maximilian 3 weeks

Love how it was 97% and now it’s 80%. In Israel the entire vaccination program collapse after 33% got covid, that was from 66% of those who were already inoculated. They are no longer publishing numbers.

Rocket 3 weeks

If the FAKE vaccine is so "effective" then why is that LYING SACK OF SHIT, FRODO FAUCI🤡💩 telling people to keep wearing masks after taking the shot? 🤔 Anyone paying attention knows that FAUCI is nothing but a LYING, CORRUPT SCUMBAG!!!

peeweeherman 3 weeks

80% effective? So I have a better chance of surviving covid?

World 3 weeks

Never going to comply to this experiment 👍

Shmule 3 weeks

What double blind study confirmed this and how? Did they intentionally expose both groups to infection?

Talon One
Talon One 3 weeks

Good, then we can give everyone a single dose and hand out the second jab when everyone had one.

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