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New lawsuit filed against Georgia voting law, alleges racial discrimination

New lawsuit filed against Georgia voting law, alleges racial discrimination

The Georgia NAACP, Galeo Latino Community Development Fund, League of Women Voters of Georgia and other voting rights groups filed a lawsuit against a new Georgia law that imposes a raft of new voting curbs. This is the second lawsuit against the new law that alleges it discriminates voters by their race. Last week Georgia’s Republican Governor Brian Kemp signed the legislation into law last week.

Pocky 3 weeks

I am very interested in what legal arguement they will make to call it racist. Are they going to try to claim black incompetence?

Rocky 3 weeks

R@cist.😂🤣😂 They are probably trying to use old r@cist 'oe's defense that black people are too st00pid to use the internet, drive, get an ID, register to vote, and far too st00pid and lazy to get out and vote at a polling station. When will these r@cist Dems quit trying to own black people and tell them what they can and 'an't do.🤦🏽‍♂️

Seekster 3 weeks

How? How is this law in any way limiting people's right to vote? Shoot if anything it makes it easier to vote as it extends the time frame for early voting.

Randall 3 weeks

I believe the point is that if you live in a mostly black district and you wish to cast your vote you will be waiting in line for 11 hours, no food or water and no restroom breaks, as voting stations are severely limited by GOP voter suppression techniques.

geckouni 2 weeks

Will more people buy coke? Coca-Cola CEO says Georgia voting law unacceptable and 'a step backward'

E N..
E N.. 2 weeks

These displays of abject moral cowardice from the modern GOP need to be challenged. Because thats all they are showing as long as they push zero efforts to expand voting and instead seek to restrict it.

D 2 weeks

How is having an ID racist? You have one to drive or even if you don't drive you get one. Most people can get to voting sites. If you show you truly can then you can mail in. If need to put in voting sites then use churches in areas.

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