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Cargo ship Ever Given finally freed, Suez Canal traffic resumes

Cargo ship Ever Given finally freed, Suez Canal traffic resumes

The cargo ship Ever Given has finally been freed after being stuck in the southern Suez Canal since March 23. The cargo ship had got its bow beached on a sandy bank and rotated diagonally to block the canal completely due to high winds, according to the crew. The cost to global trade was claimed to be about $10 billion per day until the ship was freed.

Nicholas 2 weeks

I just love every part of this. Yeah it's horrible for the economy but they drew a penis on nautical maps and then got stuck and ruined the global economy for a week.

Frank 2 weeks

Whatever happened to the evergreen

Seekster 2 weeks

First good news of 2021?

6Million$Mansplainer 2 weeks

Now for the lawsuits.

FirstCensorshipThenJail 2 weeks

Any video on how the accident actually happened?

Doug 2 weeks

Sorry to see freed ship story merged with earlier partially-floated status.

Neutral 2 weeks

Glad to see it's no longer dock blocking

Doug 2 weeks

Did anyone else notice there were no drone or helicopter shots from the 6-day project?

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