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Another woman accuses Cuomo of kissing her without consent

Another woman accuses Cuomo of kissing her without consent

Another woman has come forward to accuse NY Gov. Cuomo of sexual misconduct. Sherry Vill became the 10th person to accuse Cuomo, alleging at a press conference Monday that the governor kissed her on both cheeks upon meeting her in 2017. The incident occurred while Cuomo was touring homes, Vill’s included, that were damaged by floodwaters from Lake Ontario.

Met Man
Met Man 3 weeks

This is a normal way of greeting in most European countries. Women need to stop being so prudish and weak. Stop being bigots to other cultures!

WJ MacKENZIE 3 weeks

Nursing home deathcount. How about we talk about the numerous seniors cuomo killed rather than the chicks he kissed?

A 3 weeks

Get rid of this guy. I am so sick of men in positions of power getting away with this cråp. I don't care if they're left, right, independent or otherwise. Get them out of their position.

Mark 3 weeks

I believe Cuomo is an arrogant pompous fool; should be removed from office based on his performance with covid-19 and nursing homes. This was said to preface this: this woman's complaint is without merit, laughable, and an indication of pile-on and without merit.

Newme 3 weeks

How does he not get charged? Or forced to step down ? Is there nothing in place for a committee to vote on this or he does whatever the hell he wants ?

Bryan_with_a_why 3 weeks

Oh man that's horrible. But what about the thousands of women he didn't kiss but had killed instead? Why aren't people bothered by this anymore? The US is f*cked

BlunderingFool 3 weeks

Reminder, this is over the use of a French greeting where two people “peck” one another’s cheeks. This is a DISTRACTION from the fact that this man killed thousands of OAPs.

Candy 3 weeks

Pictures or it didnt happen

Random Bit
Random Bit 3 weeks

He either kissed the wrong person or killed someone’s grandma - as he is going down... eventually... the Left is still slow to take out their own.

Mutatis 3 weeks

This is just inane at this point.

Indo 3 weeks

Hete we go round the mulberry bush once again. You found a target and are now shooting everything at it. What a world you must live in

Luke 3 weeks

This wasn't a sexual assault. This was a greeting. Metoo has become a girl who cried wolf movement.

Braindead 3 weeks

The list keeps going as it did with Bill Cosby maybe they cam share a cell together

David 3 weeks

Perhaps he should just stick to the Hair Sniff greeting Biden does. Still creepy. In some states, a non-consensual kiss counts as a penetrative act.

K. 3 weeks

Creepy guy.

Andreas 3 weeks

Kissing on cheeks..that's inappropriate but not creep at all

Barry 3 weeks

There's a time when this was customary. How far we've fallen

John W
John W 3 weeks

12,000 dead men, tell no tales.

peeweeherman 3 weeks

Where is the outrage? Where are the protest? Where are the people calling for his resignation? Where is the impeachment?

Katie 3 weeks

Yeah i am not a fan of this dude but he needs to stop and think about other people before he acts.

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