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Arkansas legislature votes to ban transgender treatments for youth

Arkansas legislature votes to ban transgender treatments for youth

Arkansas lawmakers passed a measure on Monday that could prevent doctors from providing certain types of care to transgender youth. The legislation threatens any healthcare professional who provides puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones or gender-affirming surgery to minors with losing their medical license. Arkansas Gov. Hutchinson has declined to say whether he would sign the bill into law.

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 3 weeks

Good. Finally some sanity. Children can't smoke or vote until 18. Drink until 21. They can't even take an aspirin at school without a parents permission. Why would anyone assume they are old enough to make such life altering decisions when they aren't old enough to buy cold medicine?

Colton 3 weeks

Sucks for the children that want to do this but ultimately they aren’t old enough to make that decision, they can’t have sex why should they be able to do something dramatically more permanent

Robert_Clearwater 3 weeks

Believe me, the number of people that subscribe to the transgender thinking are a vocal minority. It may seem like there are so many of them because they are so loud, but the supermajority of Americans do not agree that it is healthy to do those things, such as giving hormone pills to children or amputating body parts.

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 3 weeks

You should only have that kind of treatment if they are over 18. It should be a individual decision that they want treatment but at legal age of course

O.T.Q.D 3 weeks

Good. I have no issues with adults transitioning to treat their gender dysphoria, but a child is not mentally capable of making such a decision. Preteens and teens naturally feel out of place and like they don't fit. Allowing them to drastically alter their bodies and mental development due to this is wrong. No one discusses what sort of long term effect on the mental faculties of these children by blocking the very way their body communicates and grows.

michael 3 weeks

So now they're just straight up cancelling an entire type of person from existing? How does this not fundamentally deny these humans their first amendment? the government does NOT have the right to force A SPECIFIC RELIGION onto us. This is blatant religious persecution.

David 3 weeks

Doctors say the benefit of using puberty blockers is that they block hormone-induced biological changes, such as vocal chord changes, the development of breast tissue or changes in facial structure, that are irreversible and can be especially distressing to children who are gender-non conforming or transgender. “You take them off it, and they resume puberty.” But a long-term study by the United Kingdom’s leading facility for treating gender-dysphoric children found otherwise. Contrary to common beliefs about puberty-blocking drugs, the majority of children who take them do not resume puberty.

Milly 3 weeks

Next they’re going to say we can’t give kids medications for anything because it’s dangerous or harmful. Guess what? Anti-depressants and adhd medication can mess with the brains and bodies of children, but yet are prescribed all the time, and not many even bat an eyelash. The stigma against mental illness, especially towards children, needs to stop

Rensa 3 weeks

Puberty blockers shouldnt be on that list those actually help kids with gender dysmorphia. It helps them keep theyre options open when they feel like they are old enough and ready to go through with the change or stay who they are. Can we please stop treating kids like theyre second class citizens!!!!!

David 3 weeks

Some humour for you.

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 3 weeks

I want to know who is taking there kid in for this kind of thing bcs I believe you should only do this if you are a ADULT. not as a minor.

Andrew Kenney
Andrew Kenney 3 weeks

About time.

Nicole 3 weeks

Don't these u 18 children are accompanied by their parents? If so, where is the problem? The argument they can't have sex - you mean legally they are not allowed to but could if they wanted, right?

Tom 3 weeks

Common senses fighting back at last

James 3 weeks

What more government telling you what is excitable

Joshua 3 weeks

People need to force the issue get turned away and then sue. More than likely the state cases will lose but you appeal to the federal system which will overturn the bill by declaring it illegal.

RoseMary 3 weeks

Get rid of them all

Ryan 3 weeks

I really think we are going to have a cultural wave of disappointed adults in 20 years mad that their parents let them change their sex before they were old enough to even know themselves. I get the biology of prepuberty advantages. But seriously kids aren't functionally capable of forming consent. As in they literally don't have all the parts in their brain yet!

Seekster 3 weeks

This should be standard policy everywhere.

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