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Jay Brunt 4 weeks
Isn't it odd how the media refuses to use the term 'Muslim' when it's a terrorist, but when they're the victim it's okay?
Orin Rivenburg 4 weeks
it seems really odd

Manny Thelazyguy 4 weeks
i feel bad for the guy but you should not steal cows in fucking india or hindu countries

Spartan Life 4 weeks
Just another reminder of what real hatefulness looks like.

Dwayne Gonsalves 4 weeks
This is not an isolated incident there have been numerous lynchings on just the suspicion of transportation of cattle even if they are bulls which are allowed for consumption. There is absolute disregard for the law & the concept of due process is alien to these people.

ryan whelan 4 weeks
all because of their ancient myths...religion is terrible
Christopher Gilbert 4 weeks
Even with out religion people will find a way to kill each other.

Timothy Lemoine 4 weeks

Henry “Case” Dorsett 4 weeks
and thats, my children, is why no alien race wants to visit us.

Jason Adie 4 weeks
Very few Muslim cow thefts in Hayana. Almost unheard of, actually. I wonder if this template would work equally well in discouraging other crimes.

Love Whales 4 weeks
Syn Vown 4 weeks
Good, why? Does smuggling a cow *really* deserve a death sentence - without a trial, at that?
Vytautas Vezys 4 weeks
Well he knew rules. He knew punishment for breaking those rules. He intentionaly broke those rules. Why everybody surprised by punishment? You can question rules but breaking them always comes with consequences, doesn't matter if rule is just or not.
Rocky LeBlanc 4 weeks
It all depends on the particulars of the case. For instance if this is a problem that was brought up to authorities and they simply refuse to enfoce the laws then yes. In all other cases the rule of law should have been observed.