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Rocky LeBlanc 10 months
thank God Texas is now the third largest oil producer. Go Trump! Texas now produces more than Iran and Iraq so no need to cower before their threats or go to war to protect their oil. Buh bye mid East we got this on our own.
Offending Buddist 10 months
Zachary Brooks 10 months
Be nice to actually get out of that part of the world. Using internal oil and not wasting time there would significantly decrease our spending
cchamp 4 10 months
Personally I’m more for trying to lessen our dependence on oil in general. I want to see a nuclear power resurgence, some government spending on solar (specifically large thermal plants), and a good hard look at industrial scale carbon capture!

Spartan Life 10 months
Well looks like world war three may start over Middle Eastern oil exports
Vytautas Vezys 10 months
Not sure about that. Russia and Venesuela are more than happy to help...

Christopher Gilbert 10 months
Good let them block the oil and then we get a better price for ours on the world market.
Justin White 10 months
Alberta is liking this situation too - maybe more demand will allow us to build the pipelines that are bing stonewalled.

Jay Brunt 10 months
In the words of our commander and chief 'Bomb the sh*t out of them, and take the oil'.