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Nando Freire 10 months
what is the LGBT community situation in the middle East outside Israel?
chris eplee 10 months
None could be reached for comment.
Frank HF 10 months
From what a friend of mine told me: "They are everywhere".

Michael K 10 months
This is another contention point between orthodox and none orthodox parts of Israeli society. Unfortunately, orthodox are much better organized and therefore can put a lot of political pressure on rest of the Israeli population. I doubt that say Catholics would even try to push for mandatory closure of stores on Sunday in US.

fateddreamer 10 months
Sorry, No you don’t get to use a poor or well intentioned woman’s body and the toss her aside with money suppose to be any kind of compensation. Just NO.

Bob H. 10 months
So let the queers, lesbiens, and the sexually confused strike. Ignore them and their strike. They then might just go away.

Code 10 months
I thought ABC's report was fair. Although it has some embedded opinion, it did note that being gay is possible in Israel "in sharp contrast to the rest of the Middle East where gays are persecuted and even killed."