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Alex Nyk 10 months
Well it was expected. The free speech died some time ago. UK government as other countries working hard to close everyone who thinks differently or speaks truth. will it last long or people will put an end to it? I'm sure we will see it all unfold in the nearest future.

Jay Brunt 10 months
After release, I'm sure there will be an 'accident'. He's on the Dems hit list for sure.
Weishaupt 10 months
I doubt anything accidental is going to happen. He'll just end up in the states with an espionage charge.

Loradias 10 months
Julian Assange shall and always will remain as one of the most prominent defenders and fighters for free speech and government transparency across many sectors. It is disappointing that Ecuador plans to boot him out. It would be funny to see Trump bring him in and pardon him in D.C., but it’s highly unlikely that will happen. Assange has not done anything wrong, other than being accused of having ties to the Russian Federation, since the Russians apparently have their scope of influence across the entire world and meddle in every election that happens. <— Bullshit if you ask me. Their time as the world power is over. China on the other hand is a bit more of a complicated issue. That being said, I don’t deny that Russia can be capable of having some intricate measure of involvement in certain elections, however there is no proof to say they interfered or even meddled in such. Nevertheless, if Assange gets sent back to the U.K., it may end up as a Tommy Robinson 2.0 scenario.

Steve Thomas 10 months
Perhaps his best bet is to go now whilst Trump is in office. I wouldn't be surprised if Trump gave him a pardon if nothing else to totally piss off the political establishment.
Gerard Ribé Manaut 10 months
not sure... he called snowden a traitor back in 2014, and snowden andassange are similar cases

D.kota 10 months
At the very least he will be able to get sunshine in the yard in prison. Man this is depressing.