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Civil rights groups file 3rd federal lawsuit challenging Georgia voting law

Civil rights groups file 3rd federal lawsuit challenging Georgia voting law

A third lawsuit has been filed Tuesday against Georgia’s restrictive new election measure. Voting rights advocates alleged that the Republican-crafted legislation illegally suppresses minority voters’ rights in violation of constitutional protections and the 1965 Voting Rights Act. The suit draws a comparison between the new law and the state’s history of racially motivated disenfranchisement.

trevor pierce
trevor pierce 2 weeks

Are they insinuating blacks and hispanics do not have an id? And/or are unable to get one? Sounds to me more like racist assumptions that they are need an id to do everything else in society, how is this any different?

Robert Palmer
Robert Palmer 2 weeks

Why do democrats think that blacks can’t get an ID if they’re able to buy liquor and go to court?

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 2 weeks

You need an ID to cash a paycheck, a welfare check, or an unemployment check. Even stay-at-home single mothers need to have ID to get their kids into school and pick them up. Where are these people that can't afford an ID? If they really can't get one in the state won't give them one for free, they can start a Gofundme Page. Look how much Jacob Blake raked in. Hell, I'm good for $20.

Pocky 2 weeks

Democrats really don't like election security. It is almost like a lack of election security is crucial to their political power.

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