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Texas man wearing ’I Was There’ T-shirt arrested over Capitol riot

Texas man wearing ’I Was There’ T-shirt arrested over Capitol riot

Garret Miller, a Texan man charged with rioting at the US Capitol on January 6, was arrested two weeks after the incident when he dressed in a T-shirt commemorating the storming of the building, Washington Times reported citing court papers and excerpts from online chats prosecutors filed. Miller was also caught on camera inside the Capitol building during the deadly riot that killed five people.

bogdan 3 weeks

It is not enough to be conned, you need to brag about it...

Shawn 3 weeks

Treason. I want every o e including trump held a countable for treason. It's a damn shame they cant be held accountable for being spoiled little brats and sore losers. I love my country and this was an attack... outright with malicious intent to our country and it resulted in death. Each person there needs to be taken and held for murder. Or at the very least contributing to manslaughter with a maximum sentence and zero chance of parole. These people did not stand for me. They are an embarrassment.

Glen 2 weeks

Liberal's are attacking anyone who is conservative. The witch hunt moves on.

MIDESSA 3 weeks

Typical trumplett being a trumplett. Even the double digits need some one of their own to look up to. Lol.

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