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Veteran BBC journalist leaves China amid safety concerns

Veteran BBC journalist leaves China amid safety concerns

A veteran BBC correspondent has left China amid safety concerns after his coverage angered many in the country. John Sudworth has relocated to Taiwan and would continue to be the British public broadcaster’s China correspondent. ’John’s work has exposed truths the Chinese authorities did not want the world to know,’ the BBC said in a statement. Sudworth has reported from China for nine years.

Yoshiki 2 weeks

I am waiting for a certain CCP shill to try and spin this article to favour the CCP. Although BBC are now just a mouthpiece for the UK government and gone fully woke, their Chinese reporting team always had the guts to dig deep in dangerous rural parts of China where officials certain don't "rule by law", with them pulled out of China, it means even less real coverage of China will be exposed to the world. But hopefully by now people are aware of how corrupt CCP are anyway thanks to wuflu. Their "wolf warrior" diplomats sure don't help either.

Indo 2 weeks

You gave them everything in HK. Without even a single thought to global business concerns. Your easy givens has made them nasty now.

Srinivas 2 weeks

Why is the leftist BBC running away from CCP? Scared of your own :)

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