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People who commit alcohol-driven crime to be fitted with ’sobriety tags’ in UK

People who commit alcohol-driven crime to be fitted with ’sobriety tags’ in UK

England has rolled out a scheme to fit electronic tags on offenders to see if they are breaching court-ordered drinking bans. The ’sobriety tags’ monitor sweat levels, and alert probation services if alcohol is detected. The scheme has been in operation across Wales since October. Policing and Crime Minister Malthouse called the tags a ’powerful new tool’ to combat alcohol-fuelled violence.

ghostdonut1 3 weeks

B-but at lEAst We dOn’t gEt ShAwt in sChKewl innit?

Patty 3 weeks

I don't see how that's legal. Is it in place of the ankle monitor?

AbsentSal 3 weeks

My cousin is on parole in the US and he said he has a similar device. He didnt even commit an alcohol related crime

Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer 3 weeks

Let's hope the person being monitored never needs any sort of medical aid (injections, etc) Just saying...

Jon 3 weeks

Americans will likely get triggered even though its the UK fpr one reason: they're all drunks who are exactly who this law is targeted at

Dee2u 3 weeks

Ugh, I hope these are being reserved only for violent or repeat driving offenders. I know the legal alcohol limit in the UK is less than a shot. Seems like a severe violation of rights for some people if it’s just they were caught slightly over the legal limit.

Azshara 3 weeks

Koppa- You 'ave a purrmit for dat drink sur? Hard Working Civ having a beer: I'm only having a couple. Koppa- well 'ats a 400 bobbily doo fine.

Louie Fillet
Louie Fillet 3 weeks

This has been in effect in New York since 2018.

Blind 3 weeks

Yeah totally wouldn't use a sham wow rag and wrap it around the body of the anklet.

germadelphia 3 weeks

That’s a total violation of someone’s civil liberties

jon 3 weeks

Well, whoever proposed this autocratic obscenity definitely needs to wear one of those.

Indo 2 weeks

Madmen n drunks need to be put on the same plane. Unwitting actions planes. Planned crime commiters are real nasty. Mingling within social spaces with nastiness in mind.

Tarik Vann
Tarik Vann 3 weeks

Good, you have proven you cannot be trusted with alcohol, you now need to be monitored like a child to make sure you don't do something that could harm someone else. This is entirely fair and fitting punishment for people who aren't mature enough to be trusted in society.

Oliver Holzerfül
Oliver Holzerfül 3 weeks

Stay inside! Oh wait domestic abuse rates are rising? Wear the ankle monitor!

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 3 weeks

Not enough of those tags for that to work in Ireland.

Joe Joyce
Joe Joyce 3 weeks

Britian really pullin 1984 stuff without batting an eye

Thomas 3 weeks

Prohibition 2: Electric Boogaloo

Buckner Abernathy IIIII
Buckner Abernathy IIIII 3 weeks

Good job UK

Salvador 3 weeks

Christ talk about a big nanny state

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