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Despite hit by US sanctions, Huawei’s revenues increase due to China demand

Despite hit by US sanctions, Huawei’s revenues increase due to China demand

Chinese tech giant Huawei, which has been hit by US sanctions, managed to boost its 2020 profits and revenues because of a strong domestic demand for its services. Its revenue for 2020 was around $136 billion, up by 3.8% from 2019. Profit was up 3.2% to around $9.86 billion. The company’s sales in China were 66%, up from 59% in 2019. However, the company’s sales dropped by 24.5% in the Americas.

Yoshiki 3 weeks

Not that difficult when you are backed by the government itself is it, in a country that constantly brands Japan, Korea, US, UK, Australia, EU, even Taiwan and HK their enemies by the state media, many are brainwashed to hate anything imported by default. While the 1% and government officials buys out new iPhone at launch, even the CEO of huawei uses iPhone and iPad, shows how hypocritical this whole country is under CCPs totalitarian regime.

jon 2 weeks

Seriously, f@#! China and any company supported by that evil empire.

Fareem 2 weeks

Chinese government reports that Chinese government is excellent. In other news, water is wet.

Indo 3 weeks

They be what they be. Not much to bother with these days since HK global capital got sucked out. Its all just cut n dried.

World 2 weeks

Ew, stupidity does not look good on tech, yet that's what propaganda will get ya

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