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Biden announces $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan to rebuild economy

Biden announces $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan to rebuild economy

President Joe Biden announced a $2.3 trillion plan to rebuild the America’s infrastructure. Calling it ’a once-in-a-generation investment in America,’ Biden outlined the details, which includes reversing former President Donald Trump’s giant tax cuts for corporations. Biden said the provisions in the would improve roads, internet service, etc, and would also create millions of ’good-paying’ jobs.

Dave 2 weeks

Couldn't do that $2k per person though, eh Joey? You know what would really rebuild the economy? Ending the lockdowns and letting people get back to work. Well, what's left of work. Since most businesses are now down the crapper with only the giant corporations left. Yay.

Young Conservative
Young Conservative 2 weeks

It was trumps tax cuts that stimulated the economic growth enjoyed under trumps presidency, if you think “tax rates go up, therefore tax revenue increases” you’re 1) an eijit, 2) have learnt nothing over the last 12 years

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 2 weeks


Nifl Lma
Nifl Lma 2 weeks

Corporations will just outsource everything again and find their way to avoid paying taxes as much as possible. The same corporations that will also receive this money to build the infrastructure in the cheapest way possible. In the end it's always the average citizen that pays twice for the failures of the government.

Shane 2 weeks

Government plans to "create new jobs" have always been a lie. It doesn't create new jobs. It shifts jobs from the private sector into inefficient government projects. It hurts private industry, reduces productivity, and costs taxpayers a bomb. Economics 101

Bryan_with_a_why 2 weeks

How about you just get your boot off our f*ckin neck and let us all go back to ACTUAL work rebuilding this economy you destroyed?

Aleks 2 weeks

Yeah Joey you could only do the 1400 in addition to the 600 we got from Trump... and by the way Trump at least signed the checks for us... He put his beautiful name on them so they are at least worth 3x more like 1800. And yes he didn’t really believe in this virus. He even caught it himself to show us that it was harmless cause you know Joey he was such a strong man. So Joey your silly infrastructure bill won’t help us cause you know the pandemic you have created will destroy everything. If Trump was here the pandemic would have gone away because you know he said so

Erich 2 weeks

I love the headline ‘slashing commute time’. Our new work-from-home society has already had a massive impact on our roads.

Matthew 2 weeks

If we hadn't just spent 8 Trillian dollars over the last year because people like our coward president forced everyone to shut down to avoid the sniffles, I would be 100 percent on board with this. Unfortunately, we don't have any more money.

Prince Azmiran
Prince Azmiran 2 weeks

Spend that money like theres no future! Seriously tired of this sort of spending, it's going to come back and bite us someday.

Lawrence 2 weeks

When will Socialists ever learn that raising tax rates hurts the economy and reduces tax revenues. When Democrats were still American (and rational) in the early 1960s, JFK proposed reducing the tax rate to stimulate the economy (look it up). Reality and facts have not changed, but Socialists' desire to exert undue control over people has grown. This act was on serve to further hinder the economy. Nice job!

TheEnlightenedFool 2 weeks

Well he should know its 'a once in a generation investment in America', the first time was about when he was born...

Somebody 2 weeks

So far, i haven't heard any real complaints. Cons, anybody?

Jackson 2 weeks

Create jobs, repair infrastructure, improve public transport, make America green. Sounds like a great deal!

joe 2 weeks

More weath redistribution. This is insane.

Seekster 2 weeks

Lets see the details. I am fine with taxing people and companies to pay for infrastructure improvements but I want to make sure that is what the money is being spent on.

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 2 weeks

Love to see it. This plus the voting rights act would be huge successes. But you gotta end the filibuster to do it. Its okay to have high hopes but only delivering milquetoast recovery wont work.

World 2 weeks

This dementor

Glen 2 weeks

Watch your taxes rise now liberal's.

Jon 2 weeks

You want to rebuild the economy, let people work and shop. Twits.

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