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Navalny announces start of hunger strike over prison treatment

Navalny announces start of hunger strike over prison treatment

Jailed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny has announced that he has gone on hunger strike until he receives proper medical treatment for severe back pain and numbness in his legs. Navalny added that instead of receiving medical treatment he is continuing to be ’tortured with sleep deprivation.’ He is currently serving a 2.5-year prison sentence in one of Russia’s most notorious penal colonies.

Mr. Doc
Mr. Doc 2 weeks

I think if I were the Kremlin this is exactly what I would hope for. They would be investigated if he died in any other way. If he says he's going on a hunger strike and then dies, no questions asked, and they got rid of him. I don't know that his death, if self inflicted is going to cause as much of an uproar as he might be expecting. I have a hard time seeing the Kremlin giving in on this one. Just my thoughts.

Randall 2 weeks

Navalny's criticism of the Kremlin is that it's too soft and that it needs to be tougher and stricter than it is currently. Navalny is NOT a nice guy at all.

Eeker Speaker
Eeker Speaker 2 weeks This video is in russian but its worth a watch if you can handle subtitles. This was Navalny's deadman switch if he got arrested on his return to russia.

Indo 2 weeks

You go against the Tsar !! How dare you !? Never you will suffer. Commies got it real good these days. Too bad we let them have it so. A real good experiment. Never tobe repeated again. We had hoped it would do some good for their common peoples. Now we will never know.

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