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Hong Kong court convicts media tycoon Jimmy Lai and 6 others over 2019 protests

Hong Kong court convicts media tycoon Jimmy Lai and 6 others over 2019 protests

After four weeks of hearing, a Hong Kong court has found media tycoon Jimmy Lai, 73; veteran pro-democracy activist Martin Lee, 82; and five others guilty of unauthorized assembly during a peaceful pro-democracy rally in 2019. Two others who had pleaded guilty earlier. Before the hearing, some of the defendants held a banner that read, ’Oppose Political Persecution; Protest Political Suppression.’

Morbo 2 weeks

So Glad the "Democrats" spent four years attacking and undermining Trumps presidency. Not like a united US could have put enormous political, economic and military pressure on China if it wasn't bickering like children on the news and social media.

Shmule 2 weeks

Criminalizing peaceful protest despite international agreement to guarantee Hong Kong autonomy. This is outrageous! China is showing it is a totalitarian state that does not respect individuals nor its agreements nor any law it does not make for itself, as the need arises, to use as a tool to suppress opposition to its repressive policies.

Yoshiki 2 weeks

No 50 cent army showing up in this comment section? With Trump out of office, people in HK would have to wait until at least 2025 for someone with some backbone to stand up to CCP. It's gonna be a rough few years ahead for people in HK, US have to step up their cooperation with Taiwan to bring some much needed equilibrium in the area, and judging by recent events in South East Asia, many countries there could become stronger allies.

Doug Star
Doug Star 2 weeks

F proc. Bury them now and avoid the rush.

Indo 2 weeks

And that's all we will get out of HK these days. Now that its global capital been wringed out.

6Million$Mansplainer 2 weeks

Come all Chinabots, and defend.

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