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7-year-old boy charged with rape in New York

7-year-old boy charged with rape in New York

A 7-year-old boy in NY has been charged with rape. State police confirmed the unidentified child in Brasher Falls was charged with third-degree rape recently. The boy has since been released and will be reportedly tried in Family Court. As per reports, the boy has been charged as a juvenile delinquent. However, a bill pending in Albany would raise the age threshold for that charge from 7 to 12.

Lord Flashheart
Lord Flashheart 2 weeks

Trying to get my head around how this happens, how does a 7 year old get into this situation. But now looking back on the definition of Rape and living in a society where porn is so easily accessible, yes this is plausible.

B 2 weeks

What I’m not getting is how is this 7 YEAR OLD CHILD charged with rape when, if it’s true he had experienced sexual intercourse with another person, he himself might have been raped? Idk about what y’all think, but 7 is DEFINITELY below the age of consent. And yes, I did see another comment about how it is plausible with the extremely easy access to pornography, but until more information comes out about this case, I’m remaining heavily skeptical. Not for the fact that he is male, nor does the article mention race that I saw, but pretty much solely on the fact that a 7 YEAR OLD is charged with rape. I hope I’m not incorrect and this child committed the charged act, but still, it’s incredulous.

Jackdaw 2 weeks

I think you people are missing the bigger picture here. There isn't much information on the case aside from the fact boy has got charged on 23rd March as a juvenile delinquent and is now going tried in family court, and the boy's attoreny said the claims are "absurd". It doesn't matter what could of have happened, but now a 7-year old is going a permanent record of potentially sexual assault and the kid probably doesn't even realise that is his life is now over. Any child under the age of 10 aren't very smart, and considering how insanely common false-accusations of rape that's happening these days, it's going to be a miracle if that kid has a future. And you are all instantly looking for someone or something to blame. It's disgusting and you all clearly need a reality check.

R D 2 weeks

The article says "7 year old boy" which is code for "the boy was not white"

Randy 2 weeks

So he can't consent to sex, but somehow he managed to form the intent to rape someone. Even a seven-year-old knows that doesn't add up.

Gordon 2 weeks

As a victim of sexual abuse from the age of 6, I can certainly understand how a child could do this if he was similarly abused, but that doesn't mean he had any sense of the gravity of his actions or that they were wrong, if in fact he did anything that warrants a rape charge, the boys personal history need to be investigated because more than likely if he committed a sexual act it was because he himself was a victim first and holds no culpability for his actions

Lucifer Neverchanges
Lucifer Neverchanges 2 weeks

Unless the victim was drugged out of their mind or drunk off their ass I fail to see how a 7 YEAR OLD would be able to do something like that.

Aimee McCarthy
Aimee McCarthy 2 weeks

Is this a f-ing joke? If it's not, blame the adults in this kid's life, not necessarily the kid. Sure he might've done something heinous, but it's the responsibility of the adults to guide, protect, and HELP children.

Christian 2 weeks

So on one hand, the law says that no one under the age of 18 is capable of consenting to sex - that they are not developed enough to understand what they are doing; this is the basis of arresting adults who have sex with minors. But on the other hand, a 7 year old can be charged with rape - which suggests that he really does know what he is doing, since he's being punished for it. It's either a huge double standard, or a clever way to arrest more people (of any age) and give more money to the government in the form of fines and court costs, or both. They're having it both ways with sex cases - and getting away with it by playing on people's emotions.

AbsentSal 2 weeks

Should wait for the details before you judge the charges... but this one is definitely gonna be important for future minor trials

Stanley 2 weeks

How does a seven-year-old even think about sex? TV (many parents do not control what or when children watch)? Movies (largely available at home on TV)? Internet (parents not controlling this, either)? 'Friends' at school? Older relatives--uncles, cousins, siblings?

A’jani 2 weeks

He hasn’t even hit puberty yet he has no motivation. He is repeating what he’s learned but NYPD will stop the investigation at the crime.

the terrible rabbit of death
the terrible rabbit of death 2 weeks

You introduced sex to kid in a early age , have sex offender in dragg to show them how to twerk, tell them at 3 they can choose their gendre ( whitch there is only 2) and now you wonder how this happen.... Bravo liberal you may be learning.

Lynn 2 weeks

Many times, a child only does these things to another child because they have already had it done to them by an adult. This is something that must be looked at carefully before we condemn a 7-year old. I would remind the posters who are saying ‘HOW could he possibly be able to do that?!’ to read the actual definition of ‘3rd degree rape.’ In many states, if he put his penis into another child’s mouth, that is considered ‘rape.’ That is completely possible for a 7-year old to do. Again, I put money on the idea that this little boy has been abused previously. Just my opinion.

Jon 2 weeks

We live in a country where if a child POINTS WITH THEIR HAND at something, and the gesture makes the adult they are speaking to THINK OF A HANDGUN, the police can be called and the child charged with assault. ASSAULT. It will be categorized as a gun related crime.

Jane 2 weeks

This young boys history needs to be investigated. Was he a child of the court, in foster home, or other CPS facility? Back in the 1980s 90s a Yorkshire film crew came to the United States to investigate child trafficking in America. The findings of this investigation which involved Senator James DeCamp From Nebraska as one of the head investigators, he found that these kids were forced to have sexual encounters with other children, filmed and the children were tried and put on the sex offender database. With this child being seven years old and New York trying them as a sex offender this could very be a plausible explanation.

Repent 2 weeks

There is something seriously wrong with this world when a 7 yr old child is charged with rape.

Tetelestai 2 weeks

this is what happens when you force YHWH from your nation. the nation becomes a deplorable mess.

Kimani 2 weeks


Sylas 2 weeks

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