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Pentagon to reverse Trump-era transgender policies in military

Pentagon to reverse Trump-era transgender policies in military

Pentagon announced that it will reverse several of the military’s policies introduced during Donald Trump’s presidency. John Kirby, Pentagon’s press secretary, said the new regulations will allow transgender people to enlist in the military and serve in their preferred gender. In addition to this, the military would assist service members who seek treatment for gender transition.

Seekster 2 weeks

I don't care if transgendered people serve in the military. I DO have a problem with tax dollars going to pay for gender change surgery.

Tachyon 2 weeks

The Trump ban had nothing to do with anti trans bigotry as the media has lied. It was due to the simple fact that trans persons have a 40x higher rate of suicide than the population average. ANY other demographic with a similar statistic would be banned as well, for their own safety and that of their fellow soldiers.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 2 weeks

With every one of the Sniffy EO changes I have to wonder how and when they will get reversed. Over half the stuff he's doing is complete nonsense.

is it 2021 yet?
is it 2021 yet? 2 weeks

Serving one’s country should not be dependendant on how a person identifies. There are plenty of transgender people who are more patriotic and capable than many of us to defend our nation. Why stand in their way?

Suzi 2 weeks

Removing gender dysphoria as a disqualifying condition for service is one thing....but this seems to be encouraging people that are physically fit for military service to join the military only to make those people unfit for military service. Military members have to be ready to deploy. Those that have conditions that prevent that are medically discharged. Sexual reassignment surgery isn’t a minor procedure. I’m not an expert, but I would imagine the recovery time is significant. Another issue is that those members that are not transgender and having a gender reassignment surgery are, undoubtedly, going to have to pick up extra deployments to cover for the transgender people while they are recovering from surgery and unfit for deployment. Most units deploy on a rotating basis. For instance, if a unit sends people every year, the members in the unit will rotate and deploy every other year. But, when a member isn’t able to deploy, someone else has to fill in...meaning someone has back to back deployments. Finally, enlistments are generally only 4 years. The vast majority of soldiers spend at least 2 years training prior to being deployable. Realistically, this timeline is likely to mirror the time when an individual would be eligible for a sex reassignment surgery (assuming they aren’t joining and immediately having surgery...which seems highly unlikely given that an enlistment begins when the member starts basic training). So, in essence, the military is going to pay to train a person, then pay for the person’s reassignment surgery, only to have the person’s enlistment end. Then, the person will get VA benefits, including the GI bill and potentially life long disability benefits. All while that person has not done a single thing for the benefit of the country.

Rocky 2 weeks

This is a detrimental policy change. I am sorry to the soldiers who must now serve next to a less effective, less reliable squad. Constant medical care in the field is a death sentence to these soldiers. Having an open wound for life is not exactly conducive to being an effective soldier in many environments where infection is already a massive concern. If a soldier can't count on the person next to them this can cost them all their lives.

Justice Kazzy
Justice Kazzy 2 weeks

Good. Collapse the United States.

Glen 2 weeks

National Security in the hands of transgenders, how comforting.

TaxTheRich 2 weeks

Good. Trans rights are human rights.

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