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Bee swarm invade New Mexico man’s car while he was buying groceries

Bee swarm invade New Mexico man’s car while he was buying groceries

A swarm of an estimated 15,000 bees invaded the car of a man while he was doing grocery shopping in Las Cruces, New Mexico. In a Facebook post, Jesse Johnson, a firefighter with the Las Cruces Fire Department said, ’He called 911 because he didn’t know what to do.’ Johnson, who is a hobby beekeeper, was then called to help. He then got the car rid of the bees without killing them.

Ryan 2 weeks

A queen likely got trapped in migration somewhere in his car. Pheromones brought the workers right to her.

Jackson 2 weeks

What kind of biblical bs is this

John 2 weeks

More false reporting...I only counted 10,000

Pat 2 weeks

Free lunch

cledge fenrir
cledge fenrir 2 weeks

I don't think anyone was beexpecting that

Omega 2 weeks

Was he driving a Kia Stinger? Or maybe a Dodge Super Bee? Or maybe it was a homeywagon?

Brandon Fitzgerald
Brandon Fitzgerald 2 weeks

Wow, he's lucky one of a fireman was also a beekeeper.

Mr. Doc
Mr. Doc 2 weeks

So he counted them?! 😂

Silke 2 weeks

This story was worth it, if only to see some still have a sense of humour. 2 thumbs up to all.

Michael 2 weeks

He must have been Bewildered

Viviko 2 weeks

I was thinking this was an April Fool’s joke that got out of control. Dang.

Dave 2 weeks

They called a local beekeeper who just decided to wing it

Outlaw 2 weeks

Anybody else notice the out-of-focus bee that looks like it's coming at the cameraman in the screenshot here?

Omega 2 weeks

Who caused this outrageous event! Was this a Bee Lives Matter mob? B-anon? Or maybe Beetifa? And they weren't wearing masks or social distancing either! (I'm going to be watching this comment thread to see if we get anybody trying to link this event to communism, or blame it on the other political party! LOL)

Gio 2 weeks


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