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Body-cam video shows George Floyd pleading with officers

Body-cam video shows George Floyd pleading with officers

A body-cam video has shown the struggle of George Floyd while three police officers were trying to arrest him. The body-cam video also showed George Floyd’s ordeal as he was being pushed into the back of a police SUV as he cried saying ’I’m sorry’ and ’I’m claustrophobic’. The body-cam video was shown during Officer Derek Chauvin’s trial on murder and manslaughter charges in Floyd’s death.

Shane 2 weeks

Was Floyd in his words "claustrophobic" about the idea of going into a cell or going into the police vehicle? Because he was just apprehended from his own vehicle at the time

Rocky 2 weeks

I hope this trial sheds a little bit of light on the sad situation of drug addiction and inner cities. This is a tragic story not so much of police abuse but of drug abuse.

John W
John W 2 weeks

Girlfriend said Floyd had the same stomach ache and foaming mouth during a previous overdose, involving an emergency hospital visit. Clearly trying to draw a parallel between the symptoms of which Floyd complained the day he died and the earlier known overdose, Nelson asked if Ross noticed 'foam coming from his mouth…a dry white substance', when she took Floyd to hospital in March. She said 'yes' and that he had complained of his stomach hurting and was 'doubled-over in pain'. According to Ross, on one occasion when she took pills believed to be bought from Hall she 'felt like was going to die. Transcript from day of his overdose death. Thomas Lane: What are, are youon something right now ? George Floyd : No, nothing . Alexander Kueng Because you acting real erratic . George Floyd: I'm scared,man. Thomas Lane: Let's go, lets go George Floyd: God,man J.Alexander Kueng You got foam around your mouth, too ? George Floyd: Yes. Yes, I was hooping earlier. GeorgeFloyd: I'm claustrophobic .My stomach hurts. GeorgeFloyd: Im through, through. I'm claustrophobic. My stomach hurts. My neck hurts. Everything hurts. I need somewater or something, please. Please ? I can't breathe officer.

The Oracle8191
The Oracle8191 2 weeks

Key witness who was with George Floyd at the time of his arrest pleads 5th, now refuses to testify for prosecution.

VI Trotsky
VI Trotsky 2 weeks

Drug abuse =/= death sentence Petty crimes =\= death sentence Hang this cop.

jamie 2 weeks

Show me a video of someone pleading with police then end up dead and I’ll show you 3 videos of someone pleading with police just to create an opportunity which resulted in the death of the officer or officers. George Floyd’s death while tragic and completely avoidable, does not meet the elements of murder

(Un)Fortunate Son
(Un)Fortunate Son 2 weeks

Already confirmed that a key witness was his dealer: The true murderer of Floyd.

SmokeWizard 303
SmokeWizard 303 2 weeks

I say good riddance. One less on the streets to commit crimes.

IIzard 2 weeks

Not because of what the officers were doing, but because of his health. Any big lips fans need to do as much fentanyl as he did.

Scott 2 weeks

Who cares?????

IIzard 2 weeks

TLDR It was a drug deal and he ate the drugs but didn't tell the cops

Brayden 2 weeks

Pore man

Good Green Goy
Good Green Goy 2 weeks

His good friend who was there that day refuses to testify eh? Interesting

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 2 weeks

Oh boy, hope the fire department is ready.

Brutus 2 weeks

God what a good comedy special

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