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Charlottesville can remove Confederate statues: Virginia’s top court

Charlottesville can remove Confederate statues: Virginia’s top court

The Supreme Court of Virginia ruled that Charlottesville can proceed with the removal of two statues of Confederate generals, including one of Robert E. Lee that became the focus of a violent White nationalist rally in 2017. Bernard Goodwyn, the State Supreme Court Justice said both statues were erected before the passage of a law regulating the ’disturbance of or interference with’ war memorials.

David 2 weeks

It’s more important to talk about history so we don’t repeat it, rather than to completely remove it. Ironically The ones who say it promotes violence are the ones perpetrating the violence

Randall 2 weeks

Statues glorifying the bad guys should never have been installed. They were erected to intimidate. You can't learn history from a statue glorifying bad guys. Melt it down for doorknobs and handrails.

Omega 2 weeks

In a lot of ways I would prefer these monuments stay where they are and be a point of discussion. Perhaps add a plaque with some historical perspective. (Edited to revise autocorrect errors)

Mutatis 2 weeks

"Justice S. Bernard Goodwyn said Charlottesville could take the statues of Lee and Gen. Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson because a 1997 law protecting war memorials did not apply retroactively to statues erected before the law was passed." Perhaps I am wrong, but I seriously doubt this 1997 law was passed to solely protect memorials built after 1997. I lean toward local governance having a greater right than external interest groups in this matter, but the presented court decision reads like judicial activism to me.

Michael 2 weeks

Good bye Lee, great general but also the greatest traitor of the US, he literally chose to join the Confederacy. Just because we get rid of a statue that glorifies him, does not mean that we are erasing him from history. We can still remember our traitors without statues...

Justice Kazzy
Justice Kazzy 2 weeks

Please Replace them with Statues of Drug addicts, Felons and Rapists. We all know that's where this is going. 100% Doctor Fauci Statue.

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 2 weeks

Whats the hold up? Lets get some cranes and do the dam thing.

Glen 2 weeks

US history getting the ax. Pretend it didn't happen.

Colton 2 weeks

I hope they at least go into a museum after the fact they do serve a historical purpose

Ryan 2 weeks

I'm am torn on this. 1921 was not the Jim Crow movement (which saw an abundance of racially motivated civil war statues erected). But it was a deeply troubled time. I am in favor of preserving some statues (erected to commemorate the pain, tragedy, and triumphs of wartime efforts) regardless if the side or the cause. But I am also in favor of removing those erected for the purpose of furthering a racial divide and create an oppressive cultural heritage. Sometimes we forget just how economically devastating the end of slavery was to the south. It was evil, and I have zero patience for racism (I often talk about why racism is stupid. It hurts the racist economically, culturally, and spiritually far more than the false perception of benefit). But a memorial built in 1921 would have been a beacon of hope in the systemic poverty blighting all races at that time. Admittedly a "hope" built around segregation applying to whites. To me, the statues would have been better served being added to, as in adding a hopeful statue of inclusion to the same location. Artists would be best at capturing that. But there were successful people and events that represent the hope for an end to slavery and the equality of all races among the southern confederate history that would have acted as balancing scales to the failed confederate leadership. Or even bookends that marked the (official legal) beginning and end to sanctioned slavery and racism (not the end in practice). Like I said, I'm torn. I feel like there are those defending the statues that have valid points without being racists. But I also admit that their points do not outweigh the trauma of the Confederate racism.

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