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Black pastor sees red after not getting invite for Harris event

Black pastor sees red after not getting invite for Harris event

After black faith leaders not getting invitation to an event in New Haven with Vice President Kamala Harris, Rev Boise Kimber, a black pastor, urged the black community to ’reevaluate’ their stand on Democratic Party. Talking to Fox, Kimber said, ’The party has to remember how they got to where they are today. And if they want this surge in 2022, then they’re going to have to mend some fences.’

WJ MacKENZIE 3 weeks

He's almost there... almost to the point of realizing the DNC only pandered for votes. If only somenody had told groups like his that the DNC would forget them completely once in power... oh, wait...

Leonard 2 weeks

Democrats have been hosing black people for decades. All through American history to be sure. About time the black community takes notice.

jamie 2 weeks

I mean it’s the party of slavery, Jim Crow, the klan. Then the party realized they needed minorities and here we are blatant manipulation until they get what they want and they cast aside the people once they are not useful to them. SMH

Brad 3 weeks

It's upsetting to see the DNC blatantly use any minorities they can for their purpose, my Italian grandfather is still a dnc zealot to this day. I hope that these groups of people can wise up and begin representing their own communities politically.

Got Truth
Got Truth 2 weeks

This is not a race issue, although Dems will take advantage of blacks and minorities at every opportunity. This is about Dems hating the Christian morals that used to prevail over society. This retraction from Christianity has caused a morality crisis in the west as a whole. Maybe folks should think about this rather chasing gun control to avoid the real problem.

Josh 2 weeks

If he had gotten an invite, the Dems would be criticized for pandering to the Black community, since he didn't, they are "hosing" them.

Que Pasta
Que Pasta 2 weeks

And you believe that your party cares about you? That goes for both left and right, but especially the left right now.

Seekster 3 weeks

Its the welfare.

Timothy 3 weeks

Christians shouldn’t be involved in politics at a corporate level

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