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Christina M 9 months
There are few things which constitute adequate reason for the death penalty to me, this is one of them.
Zachary Brooks 9 months
Took too long to get there though
Nelio Sardinha 9 months
Nothing clears one’s thought faster than death row.

Tom A 9 months
As horrible as this crime is, the death sentence is equally horrible. Just considering that over 4 percent of defendants sentenced to death in the U.S. are innocent. I don't see how anyone can defend capital punishment on that stat alone...
Sandra 9 months
Couldn't agree more
Eileen Dover 9 months
That may have been a valid statistic years ago. These days with DNA evidence, there are not too many wrongful convictions in cases that qualify for capitol punishment. The only issue I see with these cases it that it takes so long to see it through. It is absolutely NOT just as bad as the original offense. If I had it my way, they would die in the exact same manner as their victims did.
Hostilefun (Facesforce) 9 months
It is merely a system putting real weight into the system. A death penalty acts as a more powerful deterent, especially if potential criminals can witness the act

Alex Stovall 9 months
Why does it take 3 decades? You may as well just leave him in prison to suffer

Big “DenySelf” Papa 9 months
Well deserved!!!

Michael I 9 months