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Nicolaus Gilbert Wilson 7 months
How can the US be ramping up sanctions when Trump is a Russian puppet?
ColdMilenium 7 months
Makes you scratch you head, doesn’t it
Brandon Spears 7 months
*US goes to war with Russia* far left: this is all apart of putins plan, Trump's doing exactly what he wants...

Oily Dumplings 7 months
I thought Trump was a Russian spy?
Jeffery Leiva 7 months
Not a very good one...LOL!

Blank Stairs 7 months
That's probably enough, Trump. I really hope he isn't doing this crap because he is caving to the left,since they have been claiming nonstop for the past 2 years that he did something that he never did. #RussiaCollusion. This is exactly what Obama did, and what Hillary would have done (to a far higher degree no doubt). Please Trump, we've had out boot heel on the necks of Russia for the past decade+. We don't have to agree with everything that they do,because Russia is NOT OUR COUNTRY! You'll get far more concessions from them if you treat them better. America is the last country that should pretend to be high and mighty on morality. This country has done just horrific things since we became a country. Not to mention in just the last 50 years. Seriously Trump Admin, ease up on Russia. Nothing good can come from screwing them over. O-bomb-a tried that for the last 8 years, and look how that turned out. When we punish Russia for crap that doesn't even involve us, what exactly has it ever helped? Nothing. Tempers flair,we get in ANOTHER Cold War or proxy war over Syria,and soldiers and civilians on all sides end up dying. It's completely pointless!

vicalncraig 7 months
A Volvo hit a pedestrian in Great Britain, the USA want Sanctions on Sweden

Jus Saying 7 months
It's really convenient we can blame Russia for everything. If I get a speeding fine, I'm wondering if I can blame Russia? It seem like the cool thing to do at the moment.